this goat is NOT a musician! much less a poet 10-03-15

one thing you must understand: this webgoat dude is NOT a musician, nor is he a poet! are you kidding? he can barely come up with sentences that have anything more than a fragment in them, you have to guess about the parts he leaves out. its obvious HE thinks he's saying something clever, but its not really very obvious why we're supposed to laugh, or feel "put down".

he knows his opinion has about as much weight as a "unit of nothingness", so to bolster his lack of any expertise, he brings in this dipshit named "red corbett", who i guess knows steve cureton? maybe not, but mr. corbett, or "red" as he is called, makes his living MIXING MONITORS for various professional groups on tour. so, he's not a musician nor a poet either! don't tell webgoat that a MONITOR MIXER for famous groups holds even less weight than cureton himself... at least cureton mixes the main house PA, the sound the audience hears. nobody actually hears what "red" mixes except the people on stage, and they tell him what they want to hear. its his job to make sure they get it. obviously he does a good job, or he wouldn't be there. let's give him that.

to think that qualifies either one of them to sit in judgement and make comments about THIEVES described at popeye-x's website is totally absurd. first of all, none of these dipshits know ANYTHING about any of it... all they know is steve cureton, sort of. well, good, that's why this information has been put here... so people who know cureton will hear about it. whether they believe its true or false is their decision to make themselves, what they do for a living has NOTHING to do with anything. similarly, what they think of popeye-x and his friends also has NOTHING to do with anything. its off the subject entirely. its a distraction attempt, actually a very typical one. they have a name for it, (argumentum ad hominem abusive), basically its "don't answer the accusations, rather discredit the person doing the accusing". say bad stuff about popeye-x (by the way, none of it rhymes), but even if it was perfect poetry set to glorious music, it doesn't MAKE IT RELEVANT.

ultimately, these jerk-off dickweeds don't have any way of knowing if what popeye-x has accused steve cureton of is true or not, so of course you NEVER see them commenting about the actual POINT OF IT ALL. after 7 or 8 years of 100's of posts, there's really not much else left to say except "i can't believe popeye-x is still here saying the same old shit!"

i guess there's really only one plausible explanation for it... its still here because ITS STILL TRUE. every word of it.

and they damn well know it, they just don't give a damn. it didn't happen to them, so why should they have any sympathy towards popeye-x? but look at cureton's ex-girlfriends! THREE of them came out of the woodwork by their own motivations, and ALL THREE completely sided with popeye-x, even the girl who was his girlfriend AT THE TIME THIS STARTED defected and joined the popeye-x camp 100%. see? it happened to them, too, so they CAN relate, can't they?

there was another woman in here, reading about Cap'n Gus, and when she saw the photos of my dead cats, and read about what went on, she wrote me an email expressing her deepest condolences and then disappeared forever. ANYONE who loves cats who read any of this would take a very dim view of someone like webgoat who sides with such depravity. what about steve cureton? he said, "seventeen year old cat? he probably did her a favor!" does that sound anything at all like a denial of his part in their plot to steal money and cover it up? no, it doesn't. he was furious because i didn't believe his multiple "i love you's". this is the person to whom webgoat says "take care, steve!" webgoat wishes him well!

he didn't return to
the scene of the RHYME,
he came back, drawn by
the stench of the SLIME.
there's no two ways about it
jealousy is a motherfucker, ain't it?
doktor popeye-x, 2010



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