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video and/or audio from: popeye-x 10-05-02 these are great!!!!


the beatles anthology director's cut is a 10 dvd boxed set, lasting 10 HOURS. my beatles anthology links page has 111 youtube "parts", with a short description of content, for each part, written by me. i thought there must have been some footage missing because of the conspicuous absence of anything about the album, abbey road... but i was wrong, its not missing, it was never in the film. when i was gathering up the various youtube links and writing my little comments, i never dreamed the whole thing was 7minutes shy of 10 hours in length! no wonder it was such a bitch to webmaster!

this whole media monstrosity came out 14 years ago, but the 10 dvd box director's cut wasn't released until 7 years ago, retail it costs $50. the three 2-cd audio boxes run about $20 apiece. so all the video + all the audio costs over $100 retail, for 10 hours of video and 5 hours of audio.

this beatles anthology links webpage makes it possible for a person surfing the internet to navigate thru the whole movie, pinpointing certain gems of interest, without having to watch the whole thing just to find those gems. i've provided a great link to a downloadable bit torrent (flac) that can also be cherry picked for specific songs, without having to download the whole thing.

there are 155 tracks of audio and 111 youtube video parts listed on my page. all you need is an internet surfing pc with a bit torrent downloading client installed, like "utorrent", or whatever, and with my webpage, you have instant access to all, or any part of it, at a cost of ZERO, instead of $100 or more. the content descriptions for each video link reduces the cost in time considerably, turning 10 hours of searching into a minute or two of selecting exactly what you want at the moment.

so, maybe you're wondering.. why did i spend one of my days off engineering a webpage that facilitates quick, easy, and dirt cheap access to this leviathon of beatle related data? oh, let's just say i've been an unabashed beatlemaniac for over 45 years, but i only heard of this audio/video beast in the last month, or so. i really don't need all of it at once, stashed on my shelf, waiting for me to slurp it down like a porkbelly possum living high on the hog, in a dumpster full of swirling maggots and rotting garbage.

all i really need is instant access to my spur of the moment beatle cravings.
having this masterpiece linkpage is like being hooked up to a morphine drip.



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