Re: Black Country Communion

from: Whoa Nelly! I gotta hear this

Glenn Hughes and Joe Bonermassa? Holy fuck, this sounds promising. My kinda music. Muchos gracias for the heads up. I gotta hear these dudes. It reminds me of a completely useless, virtually unreadable waste of your time that may or may not have occurred at some point. I wouldn't read any further, if I was you, but I swear to Dawg the following is a true story of absolutely no interest to anyone other than myself, posted here solely by virtue of practicing my typing. You've been warned. By the way, one day I was walking from Daddy's Junky Music store in Manchester, New Hampshire to the Casual [Wh](M)ale, a distance of approx. 100 feet, when some long-haired dude who was leaving opened the door and politely stepped aside so I might pass through said vestibule unmolested, as a proper gentleman should. The gentleman said something [more on that in a minute] with a definite British accent, which I dismissed as a silly comment, made to mock aristocratic social mores, as in someone going; "afta you, guv'na!" a la Dick Van Dyke (the most oxymoronic name in history) in "Mary Poppins." A few minutes later an friend who worked at Daddy's entered the store, and when he saw me, he said; "hey, are you going to the drum clinic at Daddy's? It's Jason Bonham!" Now flash forward a couple of years, when I was watching a reality show where they pulled pranks on people. They had a guy who was a dead ringer for Bill Clinton enter a record store (that'll tell you how long ago this was) and start sorting through albums, and the only things he said to people were "excuse me" and "hi." Then he left. About ten minutes later, a camera crew showed up and started asking people; "did you meet President Clinton?" Almost every single person said; "yes, we talked at length about _____," and the "reporter" started asking them all kinds of detailed questions about what Clinton had said, what he was wearing, what albums he looked at, etc. You'd have thought ol' Bill had spent hours talking with everybody! So when I hear people say they "met" a celebrity, I always tell them the advise that Jason Bonham gave me during one of our many long nights in his mansion, about the perils of fame, liquor and teenage pussy, and British Petroleum. In fact, we were best friends for most of my life. He just called last night, inviting me to Britain for the summer, but I was busy so I had to say no. Yeah, good old Jason Bonham, helluva guy. You should meet him.



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