sometimes, genius hurts! here's proof:

"Is Tezcatlipoca Really Homophobic?"

while the debate about homosexuality and prostitution rages
over at the aztec religion and brujeria discussion board

from: popeye-x is busy posting first, but thinking second... 10-06-23
and here's what i told them:

i'm very fortunate, in a way, because i don't know anything! in fact, that's why i'm here, to learn! one thing i have heard was i should NEVER even joke about the most evil aztec god, tezcatlipoca, being gay. apparently it makes him very mad and i got the impression i could end up dead... real fast! that seems a bit homophobic, but its really no different than the christian bible i was raised on! i love tezcatlipoca! he seems way more evil than the devil in the bible, he's a master of sorcery and he loves to destroy just for the hell of it. ok, but since i'm a godless anti-theist, i can't very well really get scared of any gods or supernatural beings, i just enjoy them for what they are to me, harmless myths! i don't want to piss off any true believers, tho, i am scared shitless of THEM, for sure!

some of my very dearest friends happen to also be gay, i'm straight, but nobody i know gives a damn if someone else is different, if anything, we like it! and we're very comfortable about laughing our asses off when certain peculiarities pop-up, like they always do! what i'm saying is, if i can be uninhibited and just be my wicked self in front of my gay friends and family members, i'll be damned if i'm going to be uptight about some GOD who can't handle being called gay! to me that's really funny, especially if its this ultra scary, beyond wicked master of sorcery like tezcatlipoca! i look at it like this, if us humans can handle it, then gods need to just grow up and get over it, whatever it is!

the same thing goes for prostitutes, or whores, as i call them. who cares if they're male, female, straight, gay, or whatever? when that male prostitute/crystal meth dealer came out and snitched off his biggest client, pastor ted haggard, the big christian who talked to george w. bush weekly on the phone, i thought he was a hero! i said "make him president!" i could care less that he's a gay male prostitute, having a crystal meth drug dealer sex freak in the white house would be cool! i'm serious! after 4 years of that, people wouldn't be so uptight about certain people, gods, or myths! especially if, after this imaginary administration i've just described ended, they found out it was tezcatlipoca in disguise all along, just doing it to drive people insane! if its good enough for pastor ted haggard, it should be good enough for tezcatlipoca, AND the white house.

 this probably sounds far fetched, and way off topic... if so, read up on the history of tezcatlipoca and the toltecs, and especially their king, i forget his name... huemac! tezcatlipoca tormented him infinitely, destroyed his kingdom, killed his people, and eventually made him hang himself in a dark cave in despair. tez was always in the royalty destruction business. this is why i find him fascinating, and well worth learning about. is tez really homophobic? it reminds me of that iranian president who said they don't have homosexuality in iran. uh, huh, sure... i'd love to see tezcatlipoca in disguise go over and seduce that guy, and sell him some evil drugs while he's fucking him in the ass! i know for sure i like that idea better than a nuclear war with such an obvious closet case. ;)



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