conservatives need not concern themselves with policy ideas whatsoever
according to rush limbaugh, the political mastermind 11-03-26

In a hour-plus-long speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) that was carried live, commercial-free, on CNN and Fox News, Rush Limbaugh directly attacked his rival for the role of titular leader of the conservative movement, Newt Gingrich. Gingrich had told the CPAC crowd that the GOP must offer new ideas and policies. “It’s not our job to be the opposition party. It’s our job to be the ‘better solutions party’,” he said. He was echoing a point he had made last year that the party needed to move forward: “The era of Reagan is over.” (Limbaugh attacked him for the statement at the time.)

Today, Limbaugh came out swinging, insisting that conservatives need not concern themselves with policy ideas whatsoever and slamming conservatives who want to move beyond Reagan.

"Everybody asks me — and I’m sure it’s been a focal point of your convention — well, what do we do, as conservatives? What do we do? How do we overcome this? … One thing we can all do is stop assuming that the way to beat them is with better policy ideas."

"Our own movement has members trying to throw Reagan out while the Democrats know they can’t accomplish what they want unless they appeal to Reagan voters. We have got to stamp this out within this movement because it will tear us apart. It will guarantee we lose elections."

dr. popeye-x says:

ronald reagan left office over 23 years ago. rush limbaugh, the so-called LEADER of the republican party, insists that any concept of "moving beyond reagan" should be "stamped out" because it will "tear us apart" and "guarantee we lose elections". new policy ideas are irrelevant, eh? yeah, you better make sure to eliminate "ANY CONCEPT OF MOVING BEYOND REAGAN" otherwise your doomed? i really can't believe he actually said that, and i also can't believe all these people watching cnn and fox really look to rush limbaugh to tell them how they should be thinking. i just don't buy it. what i see is a guy who's at the end of his rope, he's lost touch with any plausible connection to reality, and he'll literally say anything, no matter how idiotic it truly is.

i've only heard one politician actually talk about "the good old days of ronald reagan" and it was that totally fake sock-puppet zombie for brigham young named mitt romney, perhaps the most insipidly banal candidate i've seen since walter mondale. i can easily see how a guy who believes jesus christ came to america and native american indians were lost tribes of israel would also have no problem believing ronald reagan was the ideal american president... this stupid motherfucker would believe ANYTHING and say ANYTHING just to see if it would somehow catapault him to the top of his party's list of possibilities.

hey, rush limbaugh agrees with him, the numbers are on his side, right? that's where all the voting power in this country lays dormant, waiting only for the NEXT RONALD REAGAN to step forward and carry the torch for the conservative ideals that have always been the backbone of everything america stands for... RIGHT? policy ideas are irrelevant! ronald reagan-ism is all we need, its like the bible! everything we need to know is right there in black and white... coming up with NEW IDEAS is completely unnecessary, and we need to STAMP OUT that concept right now, before it destroys the republican party's chance to win the next election! policy ideas don't matter at all! ronald reagan had it all figured out over 20 years ago! what america REALLY NEEDS is to go back to where it was, back when things were really good and on the right track! is this for real? are they really THAT BAKED?

"mr. gorbachov... tear down that wall!!!"
yeah, we need to stay the same! nothing has changed! everything was great how it was back then, back when ronald reagan, the mindless idiot with alzheimer's disease, was the political mastermind of the 20th century! jimmy carter said if we don't cut our dependence on middle east oil, our country would soon be bankrupt! i guess ronald reagan showed him a thing or two, eh? rush limbaugh is really briliant, i think i'll listen to him EVERY DAY so i'll know what's really happening in politics!

oh, look! who is that standing firm behind reagan? its the same used war salesman that recently sold us al qaeda and the infamous weapons of mass destruction! i guess that photo was from the star wars SDI initiative that "brought down the soviet union!" wait a minute... wasn't he the same guy who used to work for nixon, too, during vietnam? he's the guy who sold us saddam hussein and the shah of iran in the first place, wasn't he? isn't it remarkable how the presidents come in and go out of office, but the same two motherfuckers (rumsfeld and cheney) seem to always be in there, selling these military dictator puppet presidents whatever the latest war happens to be.... oh, yeah, RUSH, you're so right, we can tell by looking at this picture what a political mastermind ronald reagan was. have you ever noticed how each rumsfeld "war" kinda runs into the next? like a "cause and effect" sequence? what's really interesting is we don't even have to hear the words our brilliant former president was saying... the alzheimer's body english says it all doesn't it?

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