pops told willis 11-04-06
excerpt from an #X chat monologue about analog.... and all about
why he would dig hanging out with a truly crazy OLD motherfucker

@Willie is groovin' to some: - -

<@popeye-x> yo willis... can you dig it? watch the video: http://www.akaipro.com/ewiusb

actually i don't like those sounds
preset sounds bite donkey dick
of course, because of the sounds, this unit is way overpriced
a straight up midi controller without the cliche bullshit would be better
i always liked playing the yamaha dx7 with the breath comtroller plugged in, you press down keys, but it makes no sounds until you use breath, and that is velocity sensitive, which SUCKS!
of course it should be pressure sensitive, or else it defeats the whole purpose
this EWI-USB sucks, so disappointing
here's what i put inside my z4 sampler:
those are 24-bit ANALOG outs

high bit analog sounds so much better than digital,
although digital does have its uses
but 24-bit analog is so creamy
do you want sand, or do you want butter?
digital = sand, analog = butter
grain is good sometimes, it contrasts well with "oil"
i had a genius brainstorm idea for a live PA system
last night i rebuilt chug8 from the ground up, to work alongside chug11
only one little niggling piss-off
one of my RAM sockets has some crap in it
and i cant find it
i need a massive can of serious no residue spray cleaner,
and a bad-ass can of air to go with it
my fucking computers look like mad max debris
popeye-x is a scary mf
its not just an image, like NIN or Skinny Puppy... i live it, bro
i look at old pics of my studio and just laugh
i'm really old and crazy now...
i'm like a mad scientist hell's angel totally grandpa rockstar from hell
years and years and years of drugs and noize
if you've ever felt like a mutant outcast from society... the encrusted hell-spawn by product of a degenerated DNA accident... that will never be "fixed"... then you would love hanging out with pops, because for once in your life, you'd feel the comfort of ever so slight normalness...
people have told me "this is the only place i can just relax"... i'm like "what the fuck?"... then i realize, oh, i get it, compared to pops, the insanity of the world seems tame...
i've had cops show up, while the whole house is shaking from roaring, pounding, throbbing, ANNOYING SOUND... not because i'm disturbing the peace, but rather because "someone was worried about you"
and when they said that, i started laughing my balls off!!
"are you alright?"
they were serious!
i said, "i'm fantastic... sorry, guys, somebody is pulling your chain"
"are you alone?"
"uh, yeah... oh, excvept for her!" and i point to a fat kitty cat, casually sitting on a synthesizer anvil case, totally oblivious to slamming-ass evil acid rock music
one cop looks towards the studio door where
the noize is emanating from and WINCES
like he's thinking "goddamn that's crazy shit"
what can i do but laugh like shit? it IS crazy! no argument there...
"my sister is a drunken idiot, and i won't take her phone calls, so she called you guys just to start some shit... i'm really sorry, because i know you guys have REAL PROBLEMS to deal with... i apologize, man,
thanks for coming by... i appreciate it, i really do"
"well, that's why we're here.."
my neighbors never complain, they make more noize
in their backyards playing boom boxes than i do...
you should hear the youngsters playing their car stereos at mega-death volume when their drunk on their asses
BOOM-BOOM "mutha fuckin' gangsta, bitches on my dick
like a mutha-fuckin' pranksta" BOOM BOOM
after 30 minutes, they stop... their mom makes them
no one calls the cops on pops from around here...
except for malicious, snitch-ass bitches who are so selfish, and so stupid, and so IDIOTIC, the real grown-ups don't even get pissed off
and this is why a hell-spawn like willie would actually feel comfortable.... because nobody is gonna fuck with pops, ESPECIALLY not the cops

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