being free from: popeye-x 11-05-10

i think the issue of "being free" runs very DEEP, and it could be a science unto itself. i'm 100% certain it is at the core of what it means to be human, but i think at this point in time it is like malcolm x said: "freedom is a road seldom travelled by the multitude". and also john lennon: "you say that its the institution well, you know, you better free your mind instead". what richard reel (on facebook) said is remarkable "us men can be free!" i don't think men are generally aware of how enslaved they are, and the problem is in their minds. men are THE PROBLEM in this world, i don't think their egos are ready for real freedom, for the most part, and women are much closer to knowing how much real freedom is terribly lacking in this cruel, oppressive world. this is my opinion, but the empowerment of women is the only way up and out of the mess we are in. we are bogged down in poverty at every turn, monetarily and mentally. we don't need these chains holding us back, they serve no purpose. there is an old story that this is how the world has always been, and this is how it always will be...
that is a LIE.

the best we can do right now is work to bring women up to where men are, this will help men open their minds up to what's really going on. the world IS going to change, it already has. its unbelievable how many humans are still dragging their feet, trying to live in the past, clinging desperately to a delusion that things USED TO BE RIGHT, and now they're going wrong with all this change stuff. one thing we can do about the situation right now is do our best, by going the extra mile, to make sure that the humans in the highest positions of power, the ones who are running things and making decisions that affect us all, are NOT the types that are typical of backward thinking and prone to corruption and greed. these people are HARMFUL to the human race as a whole, they're only in it for the benefit of their own little social circle and they will do everything they can to impede the progress of everybody else. this is why we need women so desperately, to teach us how to think in terms of everyone, not just twisted little men on a paternalistic power trip, with their paternalistic fascist gods, and their "penis-farm" concept of breeding and world economy. these are the ASSHOLES who get us into wars that rob us of every penny we've got, flushing it down the toilet DESTROYING human civilization. the political choice is crystal clear, you're either part of the problem or you're part of the solution.
if you need a rule to guide you, "being free" is it.



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