you are 100% right, clancy

from: kurt otto AKA popeye-x 11-05-16

i appreciate you caring enough to post on this site about your obviously strongly held feelings about claude "butch" morgan and his music. i too love and admire him from a music point of view. its undeniable. i am very proud of my association with claude, and like i told his son trevor,
"i don't hate your dad... how can i? i love him too much"

me and butch morgan did a lot of gigging and recording together. i have all the master tapes of our collaborations, and i also have ALL the blast masters, (except the 2" multitrack tape we recorded at ZAZ with augie meyers). basically, i own the goldmine. fair enough. well, its no fair to the other guys in the band, robar adams and go-go hartwell. if claude was going to "give away everything the blast recorded" he should have at least split it between the guys who did the work, but he didn't.
he gave it all to me. and i'm keeping it.

robar and go-go have nothing to worry about. they will never be ripped off, neither will claude. its more than safe in my hands. i have blast recordings that would blow your mind, clancy. you talk about texas music history as it relates to claude morgan? not only do i know a lot about it, i own a sizable chunk of it, everything from 1982 to 1989. it includes the early blast, my solo shit with claude on it, the later blast, and a sizable chunk from the new hix, a spin-off group that was spawned on the side in my studio and at bunches of gigs we did after the blast bit the dust. this is my personal opinion, but i think i have the BEST of claude morgan. only a fool would say claude is not better now than he ever was, but i didn't say that. i meant I LIKE THE STUFF we did then the best,
because it was fucking genius.

i don't like the jesus shit, and i don't like claude butch morgan as a spiritual leader, sermonizing thru a ministry of music, ripping all the rest of us off, and giving it all to jesus. its a crock of shit, clancy. i like christians who APOLOGIZE to me for fucking me over, not FORGIVE me for not liking being fucked over. i'm not the type of person who thinks its the moral thing to do to turn the other cheek. i'd rather kick him in his ass with my foot, then turn HIS other cheek with my other foot. that doesn't mean i don't still love and respect him anymore. it just means he fucked over ME, and EVERYBODY ELSE who invested everything into him, repeatedly.

ok, let's just say he's a knucklehead and a genius. that's why we loved him in the first place, so let's just let it go at that. and if someday, he gets real brave and generous in jesus christ, he'll contact all of us singly, or as a group, and tell us how he's SORRY he flushed our efforts and trust in him down the toilet for no gain whatsoever, just his little ego trip.

like the time we made an album for augie meyers called "blast thru the past", and without talking to anyone else about it first, claude told the artist doing the album cover to leave our names off of it. this is just ONE example of MANY where time and time again, claude butch morgan did things only a psychologist has words to describe. all of them were self defeating, and we got defeated with him. and it served no purpose at all, except to negate the positive results we worked hard to create. oh, yeah, DEFINITELY take our names off the album, claude. somebody like clancy might have known that this popeye-x AKA kurt otto person played with claude morgan for over a decade and knows more about butch learned from first hand experience than clancy will ever know if he lives to be a 1000 years old. here ya go, clancy, here's "living in a tourist town" ( otto, morgan, littleton, conway 1983) this is the first thing me and claude created together in my studio with barry littleton (sax) and kevin conway (drums), recorded in the summer of 1983... 28 years ago. webpage here

don't tell ME about claude butch morgan and the history of texas music, I WAS THERE, son. i'm much more interested in what we accomplished together, than what he destroyed all by himself. i will give him credit where he deserves it, but i'm not gonna gloss over it and lie to you about what a great, shining example of what jesus christ can do to heal a lying, thieving, selfish son of a bitch with a pathological bent for self demolition... if you don't know know about all of that, clancy, then you don't know about "the real truth about claude butch morgan" and this is why i have provided it for you.

now you can listen to the music and say "wow....
i didn't know EVERYTHING about claude butch morgan
and the history of texas music!!"



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