The Hidden Faith of The Founding Fathers 2010
from: christian propaganda comes strapped, loaded, and cocked,
with both barrels gaffled to both feet 12-05-01

i love this film! pastor pinto tells it like it really was and how it still is, the only place where we totally disagree is about how it should be, otherwise we couldn't see more eye to eye. there's still s whole tribe of modern day jesus freaks out there who can't face reality, at least not yet, and perhaps they never will, that's quite alright with me because its their right to suspend their disbelief in the interest of maybe not losing their minds altogether.

pinto is on a mission to help christians flush the shit out of their brains dumped there by the demogogs of their own fecal-mentalism, preachers like pastor david barton who go all around to churches, disingenuously presenting "evidence" all non-reading christopian footdraggers love to hear, "this nation was founded on the judeo-chrisstian values found in the bible." <---- THAT is a lie...

"the bible doesn't promote freedom of thought" - pinto is right! it also clearly states: "lean not unto your own understanding".

this disparity is exactly why the Founding Fathers worked so hard to super-glue the first 10 amendments into the constitution, expressly to protect our brand new republic from the desert dogmas of death.

"The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers" by Adullam Films, written & directed by Christian J. Pinto. The full presentation is 3 hours long, and covers the beliefs of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine, and John Adams, who were anything but CHRISTIANS!! that was their whole point! to create a brand new form of government, FREE from the dual tyrannies of monarchy and religion.

This film also gives a Biblical view of what these men believed in, and how their philosophies are acknowledged in Bible prophecy as being Anti-Christian. why pinto calls it "hidden faith" is quite humorous to me and my kind, there was nothing to hide as the founding fathers had made it crystal clear from the start. benjamin franklin was the big boss man, he had the brains, the balls, and the bankroll. he was the only one who's signature was on every important document: the declaration of independence, the united states constitution, and the treaty signed in france with britian that ended the war. he paid for paine to come over to america, housed him while he wrote "common sense", and then published the pamphlet that galvanized the people, which mobilized the army and the experienced general who led them, and pulled off the greatest political revolution in world history.

these men are the most famous names in the world today, over 250 years later. all a person would have to do is READ about what they did, how they did it, and WHY they did it, and there wouldn't be any basis for "hidden faiths", "bible prophesies", nor "agendas to spread false information", trying in vain to change history while its still being made. the only people scratching their heads in confusion as they continue to dwell on the same old fallacies over and over, just looping it in the pitiful hope there still a slim chance it might be true... ok, maybe it isn't after all, but we could say it USED to be that way, and we need to get back to the basics of the america god had in mind when he created it?

this film got me reading the age of reason... oh, the PAIN has spread too far to fade now, it has proved to be as enlightening as that OTHER PANE... you know what i mean: windowpane!! the jesus christ of LSD!

the age of reason by thomas paine pdf file

as the film progresses, pastor pinto starts to really wig out! he is more against other christians who are different from his particular flavor than he is against the blatant heretics and atheists! he seems obsessed with the catholic church, especially when the pope went to the tomb of mahatma ghandi, and praised his philosophy of non-violence and world peace. according to pinto, this is evidence of the most pernicious plot of them all, the one in THE BIBLE that warns of a "man of peace" who comes trying to united the whole world into a NEW WORLD ORDER!

the worst part, according to this filmaker, was when all the leaders of most of the leading christian denominations gathered to "KNEAL BEFORE THE POPE", fulfilling prophesies in the book of revelations warning of the ANTI-CHRIST who will be an imposter, and secretly the high priest of the devil! he freaks out "how can these christians fall for this delusion of world peace?" then it segues into some evidence that george washinton was in league with the vatican!!!!

finally, pinto slams into his main target all along.... evangelist david barton, the guy who goes around preaching the LIE that the founding fathers were christians! get it? the BAD GUYS are the "wrong christians", i. e. any christians that disagree with pastor pinto!

the only other remarkable part of this film is where pinto claims benjamin franklin was a serial graverobber, who used to steal dead bodies to perform exploratory experimental surgeries on, cutting them all up into their component pieces... and then BURNING THE BODY PARTS as part of satanic rituals with the freemasons!