From: phil moran and kurt otto
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Date: 12-06-22
Time: 09:38


Phil Moran: I'm proud of our projects. We didn't expand the envelope...We tore it to shreds, set it afire, and PISSED it out. Crushing skulls with mic stands was a valuable skill I developed while playing bars in Odessa, Tx. Just like BOOT CAMP, you tore me down, and then rebuilt me as OKIE-D-, The INVINCEABLE. I learned more from you than ANYBODY else. To this day I credit KURT OTTO, with forcing me to become a superior lyricist. Kurt Otto: me and my neighbor's "kid", paul, age 25, were just listening to tracks with okie d on vocals, and writing words, mostly the church of machines stuff. it was really good! chilidog love, crackbaby, fire the weapon was REALLY FUCKING GOOD, thanQgoodnite was cool as hell, i explained each okie d related sample: "that's from spider zero, that's from pantomine, that's from overload" etc. it was mindblowing actually. i was trying to explain the concept of FTW-nism and how guys in the band were trying to ride FTW's dick, you know, TRYING to be famous? and they ended up trying to pull jack moves, concerning women, drug dealing, including straight up STEALING... just trying to get whatever they could get from it, putting FTW down, then using it for name dropping in the music biz. every guy invited into it betrayed it, but NOT okie d. the simple fact is, okie d doesn't do things to GET fame, he IS the fame, and the catalog of FTW recordings is the proof, http://www.popeye-x.com/tech/adatlog_92-97.htm if anybody wants to hear what i'm talking about there's a good glob right here: http://www.popeye-x.com/music.html try chilidog love, crackbaby, fire the weapon, or the ultimate okie d sample composition: thanQgoodnite note the cool drum roll/sample break in the middle, where we hear okie d saying "fight to win and fuck the world" the ultimate FTW tune for live okie d vocals was probably wannagetiton?, but there are others still lurking in the vault. i will always love you, phil moran, not only do you have what it takes... you are the stencil the whole thing was spray painted with, eternally in debt to you for your loyal friendship and you just being yourself turned out simply perfect for what was needed ;) OKIE-motherfucking-D! the name says it all, doesn't it? the ponka city psycho, switch-flip might go OFF, and back ON your fucking head, to the solar plexus, then the broken nexsus, wannabee texas, but the suckers can't detect us, cuz they're too protectious, trying so hard just to be found out about things they should've done all along, but lots sooner, not later, especially biter FT-double imitators... stay off the band's dick you punk motherfuckers!!!!!



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