right here, THIS issue,
do you go this way, or that way?
From: dr. popeye-x 12-07-20
a quote from dr. ron paul's book, the revolution: a manifesto:
"It is time for us to consider a strategic reassessment of our policy of foreign interventionism, occupation, and nation building. It is in our national interest to do so and in the interest of world peace. This is a message that resonates not only with the American people at large but also with U.S. military personnel: in the second ...quarter of 2007 our campaign raised more money from active duty and retired military than did any other Republican candidate, and in the third quarter we raised more than any candidate in either party. Then in the fourth quarter we received more money in military donations than all other Republicans put together. This message is popular, and it is based on American security, fiscal sanity, and common sense."
now watch this news video and listen to what another u.s. congressman says.
right here, THIS issue, do you go this way, or that way? all politics aside for a moment...
DO YOU UNDERSTAND the mistake america keeps making over and over and over?
many people know exactly what i'm talking about, and they completely agree a big change is LONG OVERDUE. i can't believe all the shit we went thru with the vietnam war in the 60's, and i'm sitting here now in the 21st century and our government is STILL completely out of control, and the average american is OBLIVIOUS to the insanity and illegality of the past decade of military escapades of george w. bush.
do you have ANY CLUE at all what it cost YOU?