jesus died for YOU from: ppx 12-08-05

Dr.Popeye X-5:32am
i scanned a page from a jehovah's witness book, it was about revelations, when god will end all pain. it shows a little girl hugging a lion. i said i do that every day, well they think they're lions. your mom said i was mocking the lord and i should be carfeful because its dangerous to laugh at god. i said i'm laughing at their concept of god. but i'm not scared of any gods or supernatural beings and i never have been. imagine ME scared of the bible. its the other way around. because i can read and think. this jesus guy at work said "its not about what i think, its not about what you think, its about what HE thinks". i said "that's what YOU think". then i said "its about what i think, period. this conversation is over." i could tell the fucker had BARELY read the bible at all, and he's trying to be a preacher.

I agree with you. I think most Christian concepts of the bible are questionable. I do not believe in the Christian view of god at all. Doesn't mean to say I don't believe in a god, or God. Just not their versions.

Dr.Popeye X-5:43am
your mom said "jesus died for YOU". i'm sorry, i don't feel sorry for god, nor do i feel guilty. that whole idea is INSANE. it was such a relief when i turned full blown atheist. instead of being insane, i suddenly felt like i understood everything perfectly, without having to figure it out first. the feeling of freedom to just be myself was so liberating. no way would i "go back". telling me "jesus died for you" has no effect on me at all.

And death is the worst suffering? I question this. I've been through more suffering in my life than Jesus had.
Dr.Popeye X-5:51am
he only suffered one day. that is such a crock of shit story.
It really is. The Romans had been through worse and done worse than Jesus.
Dr.Popeye X-6:50am
the suffering generated by the catholic church far surpassed jesus. for instance, burning people at the stake. MUCH more horrible than being crucified, and that was the standard basic "execution". sometimes, if they liked you, you would be strangled first, then burned. that was consiered "having mercy". but they had forms of torture that really rewrote the encyclopedia of gruesome suffering, LIGHT YEARS beyond the crucifixion of jesus. actually, the pre-crucifixion scourge was WORSE than the cross, the idea being the cross is a relief from the whipping, and the victim is thankful to be crucified and is looking forward to being dead as soon as possible. i wonder sometimes, does jennifer know ANYTHING at all about the history of christianity? all the millions of innocent human beings who were murdered in the name of jesus christ, and jesus never intervened and rescued a single one of them? and of course the murderers said "aha, see? they must be guilty, jesus didn't stop us!"
Dr.Popeye X-7:00am
the believers were not permitted to read the bible, that's why they translated it into latin, and destroyed the original greek and hebrew manuscripts they got it from. the only thing the believers in jesus knew was what the church clergy told them to know, just like the koran. the believers couldn't read, and if they could, it was forbidden upon penalty of death to read the bible yourself, only the CHURCH OF JESUS had the authority to actually read the bible, and tell you what it meant. let's put it this way: jesus christ and his disciples were illiterate and spoke aramaic. they didn't know hebrew, greek, and especially not latin. the guys IN THE BOOK, who supposedly wrote the book, wouldn't have been permitted to READ THE BOOK about themselves, even if they could read! which they COULD NOT. when the bible first came out, it had no chapters or verse numbers. can you imagine the mental impossibility of being able to memorize it, or find anything in it? the top clerical scholars then had a less accurate grasp of the whole thing than jennifer does now! they had armies of monks copying and caretaking these scriptures, probably each little group had charge of one little part. there was an unimaginable amount of "office work" necessary at all times just to maintain it, so the first thing they decided was: THIS GOES LIKE THIS, AND IT CAN NEVER CHANGE AT ALL. because if it did, they couldn't keep up with it. and anybody who tried to fuck with it in any way was ruthlessly murdered, even for thinking "wrong thoughts". this went on for over 1000 years. all other knowledge was forbidden, on penalty of death. think of all that suffering it caused the human race... to whine about what jesus suffered thru is RIDICULOUS by comparison. utterly ridiculous. jesus' suffering CAUSED IT!!!! "jesus died for YOU". what a hideous mind crippling disease it is. no, i reject it. all of it, and anything like it. i absolutely detest it.



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