From: editorial omnipotence 12-10-12

i can do anything. i'm like god, only i can do simple arithmetic involving 5, 6, and 7 figures much better than the god of the bible. its true, i use an electronic calculator, but i am fully versed in the use of arabic numerals, they came later... MUCH LATER.

the hebrew, greek, and latin of the old and new testaments made accurate calculation of large numbers impossible. hebrew and greek didn't have numerals, instead they had their phonetic alphabets, and each letter also represented a certain simple number. latin had roman numerals, completely impossible to add or subtract, forget about multiplication or division. the greeks had geometry, but the hebrews had NOTHING like that. they counted on their fingers and toes and used pebbles to total multiple small attempts at factoring.

the math mistakes in the bible are incredibly ignorant, and they weren't even noticed for centuries. after arabic numerals took over, the whole world came out from under a tremendous obstacle. when the errors in the bible were pointed out the math experts were murdered, for heresy, of course.

here's a citation quoting thomas paine, from the age of reason, 1794:
(quote) "But even in matters of historical record, neither of those writers are to be depended upon. In the second chapter of Ezra, the writer gives a list of the tribes and families, and of the precise number of souls of each, that returned from Babylon to Jerusalem: and this enrollment of the persons so returned appears to have been one of the principal objects for writing the book; but in this there is an error that destroys the intention of the undertaking. The writer begins his enrollment in the following manner, chap. ii., ver. 3: "The children of Parosh, two thousand a hundred seventy and two." Ver. 4, "The children of Shephatiah, three hundred seventy and two." And in this manner he proceeds through all the families; and in the 64th verse, he makes a total, and says, "The whole congregation together was forty and two thousand three hundred and threescore." But whoever will take the trouble of casting up the several particulars will find that the total is but 29,818; so that the error is 12,542.* What certainty, then, can there be in the Bible?"

thomas paine says more:
"Nehemiah, in like manner, gives a list of the returned families, and of the number of each family. He begins, as in Ezra, by saying, chap. vii., ver. 8, "The children of Parosh, two thousand a hundred seven and two; and so on through all the families. The list differs in several of the particulars from that of Ezra. In the 66th verse, Nehemiah makes a total, and says, as Ezra had said, "The whole congregation together was forty and two thousand three hundred and threescore." But the particulars of this list makes a total of but 31,089, so that the error here is 11,271. These writers may do well enough for Bible-makers, but not for anything where truth and exactness is necessary for anything." (unquote)

i can do math, but i can change text, too! before, during, and/or after the fact... I AM THE FACT. you want "semi-anonymous"? you got it!



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