D'Souza: Obama Has A "Pathological Hatred For Traditional Christianity"

from: dr.popeye-x, church of machines 12-10-26

dinesh d'souza is not deluded, he's a straight up lying piece of shit PHONY christian and he damn well knows it. he recently got "caught" shacking up with a woman who is not his wife. he has a lie to cover every detail, but alas, he was asked to resign from his million dollar per year job as president of a christian university for being a PHONY motherfucker.

no problem, he's making even more money now making up and promoting outlandish lies about the president, "you know the theory works if it can explain data..."

here's the truth:

why is obama zealous for gay marriage and abortion? he puts a priority on EQUAL RIGHTS for all americans to make their own decisions. its his job to protect american freedom, regardless of anyone's religious beliefs.

it is republican christians who have the pathological hate for definitions of american freedom that are different from their religious traditions.

this is why they feel entitled to bear false witness against president obama, because they know damn well what the first amendment of the US constitution says about laws that establish a religion.

dinesh d'souza has no problem with openly breaking one of the 10 commandments, he's been a total phony and a liar SINCE DAY ONE. he knows he can always manufacture a "theory that explains data" at the drop of a hat. that's what pathological liars do, no matter how ludicrous or pernicious their lies sound.

the fact no rational adult really believes his fabricated horseshit doesn't phase him one bit. what people believe is irrelevant, he's very confident of that fact because he doesn't believe in anything, and he never has. look how much money he's made being a pathological liar. christians will believe ANYTHING as long as the name jesus christ is tagged onto it, and this is the crux of his whole technique.

once you realize that, put the theory to the test:

carefully examine anything he has ever said or written. pick something at random, or do like me, examine ALL OF IT. you will not find one thing that ISN'T a lie. anytime he says anything that happens to be true, look closer. you will always find he said it in the service of another lie. dinesh d'souza ALWAYS lies, it is a deeply rooted pathological force that drives his whole psyche, and he damn well knows it, and is quite proud of it. he makes a good living suckerbaiting christian sheep with lies no scam artist would fall for, but of course there's no shortage of fellow con-men itching for any chance to jump on his bandwagon. who do you think financed the production of his documentary, "obama 2016"? here's a big, glorified PACK OF LIES about our president, that grossed $32.9 million at last count.



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