Being Honest With Myself About The Bible

DR. POPEYE-X replies to a quote mined from 'The Malleability of the Human Mind' by Jason Long, PhD.

"It is never easy to be honest with yourself about the Bible when a mind-reading God is always present."

The hell it isn't. Its the simplest thing in the world to be honest with MYSELF, I've been working at it a long time, and I'm getting better at it every day. I'm GLAD if gods can read my mind, that means I don't have to waste any time explaining myself to them. All I have to think about is what I think, which is plenty hard enough as it is. Since gods can read my mind, I don't have to read theirs, trying to figure out things like "What would Jesus do?" etc. is a waste of time! Jesus knows what I would do better than I do anyway, so why bother?

I'm not perfect, I'm only human, therfore it makes sense to take my sweet time and think thru complex issues, leaving my mind open to the likelyhood that I've made mistakes, which I always do. I have to be very careful when I attempt critical thinking or statistical reasoning. I'm not an intellectual or an academic by a long shot. I'm merely smart, in a very basic way... well, I know I'm SMART ENOUGH. It doesn't take an infinitely ingenious deity with superpowers and unlimited perfection to figure out if something that's very simple is TOTAL BULLSHIT or not. I know it when I see it, just like anybody else does, but I will admit it. That's the difference between ME... and groupies of celestial dictators who don't really exist!

I figure the real truth should be obvious to anybody, even little ol' me, if I would just honest enough with myself to see what I damn well KNOW I see. That's the hard part.. for me, and for ALL of us. I can't read my own mind to try and understand what I'm not thinking yet, I control all of that, I keep it blank on a need to know basis. I have to work it out one step at a time, from scratch, on my own. I don't mind outside help at all, but it has to make sense TO ME, by the way that I reason. If you think about it, intellectual honesty is all I've got going for me. I already know I'm going to make mistakes, that's how I learn. When I attempt to read God's mind, there's nothing there to read... just blank empty space, like in my own mind! Wouldn't it be easier if God just told me straight out in plain English... and it made PERFECT SENSE? Why is that too much to ask for?

The Bible is a BOOK... I know what a book is. Books are full of words, all of them written by humans, I know, because I've written books myself. In fact, I'm writing these words right now, as we speak. At THIS very moment, I can write ANY WORDS I CHOOSE, whether I'm lying or not. Its no different than any other human that has ever written words, or ever will write words. Intellectual honesty, with myself, is the only chance I'll ever have of knowing whether words are true or false. It doesn't make any difference who writes them, even if its ME! Intellectual honesty, with myself, is the only way I can read anything and know if its true or not. I don't give a damn who's reading my mind or not! FUCK THAT!

Especially not a God who doesn't make sense, or seems dishonest, or demands that I believe anything I read, (written by humans), on BLIND FAITH alone! That is exactly what a lying human would demand if they didn't have any sense to make at all, and they damn well knew it! I'm not even close to being that dishonest... with myself or anybody else! But i know many people who are... so MANY!

I trust ME, and even that is with a huge grain of salt, and it has to be that way. A rational, mind reading God would understand that perfectly, better than I would. So I have nothing to fear, do I? ...NO I DON'T. I'm not even close to that stupid, and I never have been, even when I didn't know it yet!



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