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Nick Turse Describes the Real Vietnam War dr.popeye-x - church of machines propaganda ministry outreach 13-02-12
Broken Courtesan Lilitu Xoc 13-05-05
classic albums - excellent documentaries! dr.popeye-x - church of machines propaganda ministry outreach 13-02-01
the bass guitar playing on: Van Halen Fair Warning Remastered by dr. popeye-x, music deconstructionist and technical elaborator 13-01-31
Adam VS the DMT Pt 5 - Smoking DMT is libertarian adam vs the man 13-01-30
Being Honest With Myself About The Bible by dr. popeye-x 13-07-10
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Audiobook by Lewis Carrol dr. popeye-x 13-01-22
The Bible Unearthed: a film based on Finkelstein & Silberman, Israeli archaeologists dr.popeye-x, church of machines 13-01-17
EVERYBODY LIKES MY COWBOY HAT (original version 1986) dr. popeye-x, texadelic rockstar prick 13-01-12
FOX ATTACKS: Iran dr.popeye-x, church of machines, propaganda ministry outreach 13-01-01
BASS... how low can you NOT go? dr. popeye-x 13-01-01
has your mind become a cesspool of iniquity? quit letting FOX NEWS shit in your lunchbox 12-12-31
"please proceed, governor" dr.popeye-x, church of machines, propaganda ministry outreach 12-12-29
dropping anti-sodomy provisions laced with LSD for jesus in exchange for making same sex masturbation legal for foxhole atheists inelligible for foodstamps free birth control pills for abortion doctors on viagra 12-12-22
david crosby is the BEST of all them guys dr.popeye-x, church of machines, propaganda ministry outreach 12-12-20
bill o'reilly is a really bad alcoholic and has been for many decades dr.popeye-x, church of machines, propaganda ministry outreach 12-12-20
dark star crashes, pouring it's light into ashes reason tatters, the forces tear loose from the axis 12-12-19
deranged christian alcoholic psychosis election 2012 brain damage 12-12-08
KLEM passed away i knew him for 40 years 12-12-07
the revolution WILL be televised election 2012 12-11-28
House Republicans are eroding the legislative process rep. popeye-x, honorary u.s. congressman, in charge of online propaganda and politically relevant youtube link deployment 12-11-26
here's an interesting tidbit for you politically minded grown ups dr.popeye-x, church of machines, propaganda ministry outreach 12-11-25
Romneyistic ramblings Stash 12-11-10
grow up and face reality dr.popeye-x, church of machines 12-11-08
Re: grow up and face reality xroads64 12-11-09
Zombie-popeye-X ZPX!!! 12-11-03
D'Souza: Obama Has A "Pathological Hatred For Traditional Christianity" dr.popeye-x, church of machines 12-10-26
William Buckley: The spy who never came in from the cold By Gordon Thomas, Wednesday, October 25, 2006 12-10-18
2012 new Stash video 12-10-18
2012 Stash 12-10-18
The legend of Johnny Basura Snort McFiercely 12-10-17
Barachmitt Obomney! Ellis Dee 12-10-17
Good intentions.... Stash 12-10-17
The Madness of George W. Bush A reflection of our collective psychosis: Bush’s sickness is our own 12-10-15
What is the meaning of meaning? semi-anonymous 12-10-12
Re: What is the meaning of meaning? Xoc 12-10-12
semi-anonymous? editorial omnipotence 12-10-12
Jesus Thinks You're A Jerk, So Did Frank Zappa and so does chuglord (popeye-x) 12-10-11
Train Car/Storage Container Housing I Want One, any suggestions welcome 12-10-08
i'd cut a hole for a chimney and run a goddamn extension cord 12-10-10
Shit! Scatman 12-09-27
Shit Is A Powerful Word but language is a ventriloquist dummy describing ideas with a fixed system of symbols 12-09-27
Shit! Scatman 12-09-27
Pickled Paradoxical Piles Per Pound Hempec 12-09-16
henpecked plegm flam i'll be goddamned its hempec! 12-09-17
a red blooded, blue balled, white bread american who's ready to defend american values standing firm in the face of those who detest our freedom and sacred valor 12-09-16
i created a new story today called "bag lady from hell" i haven;t written anything down yet 12-08-27
Feel the burn! Nostril O'Destiny 12-08-19
the mormons PBS 12-08-07
jesus died for YOU 12-08-05
Votes Alred E. Neumann 12-08-05
the Election Alfred E. Neumann 12-08-05
right here, THIS issue, do you go this way, or that way? dr. popeye-x 12-07-20
Re: right here, THIS issue, do you go this way, or that way? Hempec 12-09-16
Re: right here, THIS issue, do you go this way, or that way? boogie street 12-09-13
scream bloody murder 1973 12-07-11
okie_d_bootcamp phil moran and kurt otto 12-06-22
scream bloody murder 1973 12-07-11
My latest short film Stash 12-06-17
squirting MEPOTOAPPAP 12-06-12
You Hunker Just Like Hitler In His Bunker Stash 12-06-06
Ministry's The Making of Relapse the whole film 12-05-29
1st popeye 12-05-26
Re: 1st popeye Cap'n Gus 12-08-05
Origin of FTW WTF! 12-05-26
hidin in the bat cave Suburban Herbman 12-05-26
popeye-x's toupe URA DV8 12-05-26
The United States Of Prison the amazing atheist 12-05-18
BBC Horizon: Psychedelic Science - (DMT, LSD, Ibogaine) dr. popeye-x 12-05-08
Nikola Tesla - Master of Lightning 2000 Full video dr. cientifico loco 12-05-08
"life" - keith richards autobiography pdf popeye-x 12-05-08
The Hidden Faith of The Founding Fathers 2010 christian propaganda comes strapped, loaded, and cocked, with both barrels gaffled to both feet 12-05-01
The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of The World by Niall Ferguson (Full Documentary) teacher 12-04-28
lies, wickedness, and blasphemy in this pretended word of god thomas paine 12-04-20
Justice Never Forget 12-04-18
Just Us Always Remember 12-04-19
Fractional Reserve Banking why you are broke on your ass 12-04-16
bicycle_flat_tire_tutorial_by_popeye-x ppx 12-04-12
Christopher Hitchens vs Tony Blair Debate: Is Religion A Force For Good In The World? ppx 12-03-29
The Poetry of Science: Richard Dawkins and Neil deGrasse Tyson me again 12-03-29
Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins on Morality and Science popeye-x 12-03-29
prince documentary 12-02-28
queen documentary 12-02-28
thin lizzy documentary 12-02-28
argument for strong atheism two plus two does NOT equal five 12-01-12
The Creed Of Science Col. Robert G. Ingersoll, 1895 12-01-11
crackbaby video by steve wisnoski 12-01-11
Why I am no longer a Christian by Evid3nc3 12-01-11
Does God Exist? - Debate - William Lane Craig vs Christopher Hitchens from Biola University April 4, 2009 12-01-11
Misheard Lyrics - Part 1 Pearl Jam - Evenflow 11-12-22
Misheard Lyrics - Part 2 Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit 11-12-22
Misheard Lyrics - Part 3 Pearl Jam - Yellow Ledbetter 11-12-22
Why does Popeye-X have to do with Britney Spears hmmm??? Look Alikes 11-12-17
Re: Why does Popeye-X have to do with Britney Spears hmmm??? I meant "What" not "Why" 11-12-18
Kennedy Assassination - Beyond Conspiracy popeye-x 11-12-09
Carl Sagan's Cosmos Episodes 1-13 11-12-08
Dream Theater - A Dramatic Turn of Events [Full Album] 11-11-30
Jethro Tull - Aqualung [Full Album] 11-11-30
Slayer - Reign In Blood [Full Album] 11-11-30
Pantera - Cowboys From Hell [Full Album] 11-11-30
Blank Empty Space Is A Myth! actual conversation 11-11-30
The Beatles - Revolver [Full Album] 11-11-30
Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti [Full Album] 11-11-30
Re: Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti Love this album 11-12-18
Led Zeppelin - Houses Of The Holy [Full Album] 11-11-30
Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin IV [Full Album] 11-11-30
The Doors - Morrison Hotel [Full Album] 11-11-30
The Doors- The Doors [Full Album] 11-11-30
AC/DC - Back In Black [Full Album] 11-11-30
AC/DC - Highway to Hell [Full Album] 11-11-30
Jethro Tull - Living In The Past [Full Album] 11-11-30
Jethro Tull - A Passion Play [Full Album] 11-11-30
Jethro Tull - Thick as a Brick [Full Album] 11-11-30
King Crimson - Discipline [Full Album] 11-11-30
King Crimson - Larks' Tongues in Aspic (Full Album) 11-11-30
King Crimson - Red [Full Album] 11-11-30
Stefan Molyneux - philosopher, and a great teacher! check this guy out, he's amazing! 11-10-27
Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve featuring Ron Paul, Joseph Salerno, Hans Hoppe, and Lew Rockwell 11-10-15
Van Der Graaf Generator -Plague of Lighthouse Keepers Parts 1-4 high quality, recorded live in a television studio, 1972 or '73 11-10-02
One Tin Soldier Coven 11-08-26
AC/DC BEFORE BON SCOTT Dave Evans 11-08-25
Hendrix at the Alamo Live 1836 11-08-25
Jimi live Hemisfair Arena 1970 was u there? 11-08-25
As it happened 1st speech 11-08-25
American Drug War the Last White Hope the new ice age 11-08-23
9/11 In Plane Site - Director's Cut eddie rey 11-08-22
what the future sounded like (the putney VCS3 synthesizer) parts 1, 2, and 3 11-08-19
Go Ask Alice! Ray Bihdt 11-08-11
Re: Go Ask Alice! 11-12-18
Grettings people of earth Zlatnu, leader of All Space 11-07-24
We spell it Grettings, not Greetings BTW... Zlatnu, leader of All Space 11-07-24
dr. porter healing oil jconiglio1832@aol.com 11-07-16
FTW: worship stash 11-07-15
Re: Forgot link stash 11-07-15
FTW: H*O*M*E 11-07-15
FTW: Innuendo Mania Stash 11-07-12
Moo? Who has da cows? hicky nutz pecans an bacon 11-07-11
FTW: We Have Cows! Stash 11-07-07
FTW: Take a Bite Outta Crime! Video Stash 11-07-01
i've got a better idea i love the "drug dialogiue" section 11-07-10
FTW: No Drugs! Video Stash 11-07-01
great, stash! we want more! 11-07-06
Re: great, stash! Stash 11-07-06
RAWHEAD: Thundadome Video Stash 11-07-01
GROUPON ROX 11-06-29
Resurrecting the Optigan disc format Gan 11-05-16
Re: Resurrecting the Optigan disc format <--- thank for the link, ma-yun... poptigan-x 11-05-16
butch morgan clancy 11-05-15
Re: butch morgan CAUGHT! 11-06-29
i played with the blast from 1982-1988 i was more of a real friend to claude than you'll ever be 11-07-17
you have no clue what the history of south texas music is i am the clue, peckerwood 11-05-16
you are 100% right, clancy kurt otto AKA popeye-x 11-05-16
being free popeye-x 11-05-10
Re: being free xroads64 12-05-09
List of Famous Drug Users Zephyr winds 11-04-09
Re: List of Famous Drug Users I bet very few of them had outfits like these 11-04-19
Prog Rock Britannia BBC 11-04-09
Arms For Hostages Ollie North 11-04-07
Mercilessly Tortured By Hezbollah Including LSD Injections the top commander of the CIA in the middle east 11-04-07
pops told willis an #X chat monologue about analog.... and all about why he would dig hanging out with a truly crazy OLD motherfucker 11-04-06
Re: pops told willis Got gas? 11-04-19
Re: pops told willis Zephyr winds 11-04-06
Re: pops told willis change it to... 11-04-19
nope, just a regular old redneck whitebread blueballed futhamucker its not gay, its "cowboy" 11-04-06
matt keating died 2 days ago of liver cancer popeye-x 11-04-06
HOW TO WIN THE WAR ON DRUGS........ A. Tomic 11-04-02
America's secret weapon Serge' 11-04-01
Secret Weapon Behind The Surge dr. popeye-x 11-03-27
A Closet Case For Jesus: James Dean Molested By Minister Elizabeth Taylor Revealed 11-03-27
Power Of Nightmares - Part 3 - The Shadows In The Caves dr. popeye-x 11-03-27
Al Qaeda Doesn't Exist dr. popeye-x 11-03-27
conservatives need not concern themselves with policy ideas whatsoever according to rush limbaugh, the political mastermind 11-03-26
Kraftwerk, And The Electronic Revolution 1-19 popeye-x 11-03-26
Robert Anton Wilson On The Acceleration To 2012 conzo 11-03-25
Arithmetic, Population, and Energy Dr. Albert A. Bartlett - Department of Physics - University of Colorado at Boulder 11-03-25
Huxley's LSD Death Trip dr. popeye-x 11-03-25
SICKo - Michael Moore Documentary 1-6 dr. popeye-x 11-03-25
SICKo - Michael Moore Documentary 7-13 dr. popeye-x 11-03-25
Ram Dass - Fierce Grace, History of LSD be here then 11-03-24
as threats to mental health they can hardly match the daily drivel assailing our thoughts through radio dr. popeye-x 11-03-23
psychedelic classics in .pdf popeye-x 11-03-23
God And Soul Gora (July 16, 1969) 11-03-23
Pole Dancing for Jesus ppx 11-03-23
The Japan Way the slant-eyed one 11-03-18
LSD The Beyond Within ::: 1-10 a mediocre documentary made by straights 11-03-15
LSD documentary links popeye-x 11-03-14
robert fripp interviews john mclaughlin musician magazine, 1992 11-03-14
what do you think of someone following sri chinmoy? relix magazine interview of frank zappa 1979 11-03-14
Hubble Space Telescope ::: 1-10 popeye-x 11-03-14
it should be listened to on JBL 4311 speakers 1982-3 11-03-14
omg hai Zephyr winds 11-03-11
Wafa Sultan speaks about Trial of Geert Wilders ppx 11-03-02
Blast'83 - Living In A Tourist Town i am the producer 11-03-02
Re: Blast'83 - Living In A Tourist Town So you found Jesus too??? 11-03-04
Please help save Hippie Haven Christiania Denmark!!! Concerned Commune Connections with Great Hashish 11-02-22
Re: Please help save Hippie Haven Christiania Denmark!!! The Christianians will resist all attempts to destroy their lives! 11-02-22
Re: Please help save Hippie Haven Christiania Denmark!!! Please Google for latest details on this Utopian Society!!! 11-03-04
Re: Please help save Hippie Haven Christiania Denmark!!! OMG if this "eviction" really happens.... 11-02-22
i guess this piece of crap message board is working again, right? i believe it when i see it 11-02-15
Re: i guess this piece of crap message board is working again, ri... it appears to be 11-02-22
Art and Science verses the Church of Insanity if 666 was 911 10-12-06
Re: its Art and Science verses the Church of Insanity gloriousj@webtv.net 10-12-22
Re: its Art and Science verses the Church of Insanity End the injustice!! 11-02-22
Report of the United States of America Submitted to the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights from: The Obama Administration 10-12-05
Visions of the hypocrylipse Stash 10-12-05
images of sanity in a world gone mad popeye-x 10-12-05
Walls Himself Into Cellar? Bad Handyman Skills popeye-x 10-12-03
that red thing popeye-x 10-12-02
A Recipe For Death popeye-x 10-12-02
Re: A Recipe For Death I smell a backpeddler 10-12-16
Its hard to find ego free musicians. Aaron M. aka Slayfoot 10-11-29
the baggy of white powder at all times papa's got a brand new bag 10-11-29
On women The Wind 10-11-12
free dick? i feel used 10-11-13
i'm into REAL rock and roll bands like iron butterfly, strawberry alarm clock, and atari teenage riot 10-11-01
Reverend Charles Hellooooooooo 10-10-30
respond this topic karenwalker@mail15.com 10-10-03
Re: respond this topic mmmmk 10-10-07
Michael Bolton Dancing With The Tards 10-10-02
another muthafukin cam jam camarjas@gvtc.com 10-09-17
using paypal to buy child porn at the pentagon hundreds of names the pentagon declined to investigate 10-09-16
here's what our president recently submitted to the UN take a look at it, see what you think about it, its an easy read 10-08-28
Wafa Sultan - an amazing woman my new hero - please pay attention to her words 10-08-17
Wafa Sultan speaks! watch this! 10-08-17
Quoting Dr. Wafa Sultan these are the first words i ever heard her speak 10-08-17
Ganesh is a Hindu God here is the story of how he came to be and why he is known as the gate keeper 10-08-12
Obama restores rank of disgraced Vietnam general richard m. nixon strikes again 10-08-05
Nixon secretly authorized more aggressive bombing in North Vietnam in February 1972 in other words, he murdered a bunch of gooks 10-08-05
i currently have 2 amphetane recipes but n need of one with more common ingrediants i refuse to order off the net if u could help me with my dillema i would graciously thank u greghorton@rocketmail.com 10-08-04
le midget ne donnera la tęte shorty 10-08-03
alex grey - chapel of sacred mirrors the greatest LSD painter of all time 10-08-02
Re: alex grey - the chapel of sacred mirrors that fucking rocks 10-08-03
I been searchin' karen a. dittman 10-07-29
A Conversation Between Richard Dawkins and Stephen Hawking - also Age of the Genome: Episodes 1-4 popeye-x 10-07-18
The Battle of Okinawa popeye-x 10-07-13
todays news laredo tomato 10-07-11
Dezire Jackie 10-07-05
Language & Reality Robert Anton Wilson 10-06-29
the most important women in my life so far when i think of a real hero, a man doesn't even come to mind 10-06-25
men try to fuck anything dr. popeye-x:the sex-theist man alive! 10-06-25
Is Tezcatlipoca Really Homophobic? popeye-x is busy posting first, but thinking second... 10-06-23
old bob exposes his ignorance Robert Anton Wilson - Techniques of Consciousness Change 10-06-22
strong heroic woman Ayaan Hirsi Ali 10-06-21
its flat out not true! christopher hitchens 10-06-21
i live to fight people like that christopher hitchens 10-06-21
hitch-cocked A Conversation with Christopher Hitchens 10-06-21
Leary and Wilson Stash 10-06-19
Re: Leary and Wilson Conzo 10-06-20
Religion, Politics, Economics – “Zeitgeist” - complete 2 hours of solid mythological thingamabob entertainment 10-06-12
Politically Incorrect on LSD with guest Robert Anton Wilson popeye-x 10-06-10
Charles Barkley on "Fake Christians" popeye-x 10-06-10
Veruca Salt these bitches rock 10-06-10
Re: Veruca Salt Cherry Bomb 10-06-10
Cherry Bomb Band Girlz still rock 10-06-11
It's CHERRI Bomb No "Y" 10-06-11
they should make gangs legal but only if they have their grandmothers there with them 10-06-10
Re: they should make gangs legal little ganglings 10-06-10
Black Country Communion Interesting... 10-06-04
Re: Black Country Communion the debut video 10-06-10
Re: Black Country Communion Whoa Nelly! I gotta hear this 10-06-09
Re: Black Country Communion Your BFF 10-06-09
turn on, tune in, and drop out "timothy leary is the most dangerous man in america" - the judge who gave him 10 years for 2 joints 10-06-03
Leary was dangerous to them... Stash 10-06-19
Re: turn on, tune in, and drop out Fuckin A 10-06-10
Pharyngula Plagianthus's theorem 10-05-27
Plunderphonics, or Audio Piracy as a Compositional Prerogative John Oswald, 1985 10-05-27
here's how you KNOW its him... an archeological artifact from the "cox-sucka-zoic era" 10-05-26
Keystone Kops are alive and well the dog did it. Yeah, that's it... 10-05-24
1965 i was 13 10-05-22
Fuck The Children George Carlin 10-05-18
Dear Popeye-X The Hungry Ghost 10-05-18
Re: Dear Popeye-X gloriousj@webtv.net 10-05-18
Re: Dear Popeye-X gloriousj@webtv.net 10-11-06
Re: Dear Popeye-X gloriousj@webtv.net 11-05-23
Re: Dear Popeye-X gloriousj@webtv.net 11-09-21
Re: Dear Popeye-X 10-05-26
Re: Dear Popeye-X gloriousj@webtv.net 10-06-02
pretty dick ::: hideous balls mutilation vs. perfection 10-05-18
otto industries gets a call from the better business bureau helping to sustain the eternal vigil "against scumbags and nightcrawlers" 10-05-17
Quartet 1971 live at Southwest Craft Center lots of hair 10-05-17
Ronnie James Dio dead at 67 RIP 10-05-16
Re: Ronnie James Dio dead at 67 Stash 10-06-19
Long Live Rockin' Troll! Ed Zeppelin 10-05-20
Re: Ronnie James Dio dead at 67 \,,/ 10-05-16
America's War On Drugs 1970-2010 an ongoing tragedy that has cost us a trillion dollars 10-05-14
Coyote 10-05-12
Re: Coyote 10-05-13
ok, i fixed it hedonist 10-05-14
beatles anthology links ::: video and/or audio popeye-x 10-05-02
does anybody know where i can buy some LSD? popeye-x 10-05-01
Re: does anybody know where i can buy some LSD? gloriousj@webtv.net 10-05-04
Religulous - Bill Maher 100 min. 10-04-26
The Story of God 3 hrs. 10-04-26
Rave - BBC house music documentary from 1992 1 of 3 10-04-26
Ecstasy Rising 1 of 5 10-04-26
The History of LSD getting high 10-04-26
Power & Control LSD in The Sixties 1 of 4 parts 10-04-26
oh yeah happy earth day go clean something 10-04-22
sly and the family stone live on tv in 1969 10-04-20
Re: sly and the family stone that does fucking rock... 10-04-22
your brother wrote me this in an email his name is daniel 10-04-20
Re: your brother wrote me this in an email That wasn't weed 10-04-21
no wonder LSD guru 10-04-21
Re: no wonder LSD was 'legal' 10-04-22
The Hungry Coyote Explains Herself Re: Religion 10-04-19
Miles Davis et John Coltrane - So What? live in 1958 10-04-14
Michael Wittmann: WAFFEN SS "Tanks" 1of 5 10-04-14
War of The Century 1 of 20 10-04-14
behind my house at the junction of huebner and leon creek photos of popeye-x 10-04-12
Re: behind my house at the junction of huebner and leon creek You mean behind your TRAILER 10-04-21
Re: behind my house at the junction of huebner and leon creek I thought it was a hobbit hole. 10-04-22
ok, have it your way... behind MY TRAILER funky trailer whitetrash 10-04-21
Re: ok, have it your way... behind MY TRAILER that's it tell the truth 10-04-22
Re: behind my house at the junction of huebner and leon creek gloriousj@webtv.net 10-04-20
Ayn Rand - Playboy Interview, 1964 What are the basic premises of Objectivism? 10-04-06
Re: Ayn Rand - Playboy Interview, 1964 Popeye A 10-11-23
ayn, zwei, drei, rand... she had her own army of hunchbacks and dwarves quotes from the queen bitch of intellectual siberia 10-04-14
Stockhausen on 'sounds', 1972 electronic music composer 10-04-06
saw-A TOOL-with jagged edges gloriousj@webtv.net 10-04-08
Re: saw-A TOOL-with jagged edges gloriousj@webtv.net 10-04-16
easter candy gloriousj@webtv.net 10-04-05
Re: easter candy I went for the cookies 10-04-22
Paintings G-Head One 10-04-02
hey ma-yun ppx 10-04-03
easter gloriousj@webtv.net 10-04-01
two chocolate santas crucify the easter bunny if 666 was 911 10-04-05
religion gloriousj@webtv.net 10-03-25
Re: religion/flyer miles gloriousj@webtv.net 10-04-06
i dreamed about mike pogue last night he seemed to be doing well 10-04-07
Re: i dreamed about mike pogue last night gloriousj@webtv.net 10-04-07
Re: cotton candy gloriousj@webtv.net 10-03-29
the ice cream man with no ice cream 10-03-30
W's Farewell speech I wisht I'd a writ this, but it's from whitehouse.org 10-03-22
the rev. butch sum ignorant clodhopper 10-03-19
vincent van gogh gloriousj@webtv.net 10-03-16
got anything for me yet? popeye-x 10-03-18
Re: got anything for me yet? gloriousj@webtv.net 10-03-23
mike pogue and the toiletside reader popeye-x 10-03-23
Re: mike pogue and the toiletside reader 10-03-23
el cabron cachete mongering gringo 10-03-15
Hey it smells like a goat in here! El Cabeza 10-03-11
this goat is NOT a musician! much less a poet 10-03-15
jihad jimmie los vatos pendejos 10-03-10
I'm STILL Stupid! webgoat 10-03-08
hey, cureton... webgoat still has his head stuck up your ass you certainly came to the right place 10-03-08
Mengele (The Doctor Of Death) experimenting on subhuman guinea pigs 10-03-07
The SS (Power) just good catholics, doing whatever der fuhrer told them 10-03-07
gravity gloriousj@webtv.net 10-03-02
a fine line not uptight 10-03-07
nuthing doimg a lazy basterd 10-02-26
popeye in the bible code???? Prophet of the obvious truth 10-02-24
Growing Up in the Universe - Richard Dawkins professor popeye-x 10-02-22
Death of the Reich everyone needs to see this 10-02-21
I live in a country with an ideology that is based on a total and complete lie the suicide note of joe stack 10-02-18
Depends on how it all stacks up.... Johnny Cilantro 10-02-24
chicanismo and lunch los perros 10-02-17
Hitler's Britian he had big plans for england 10-02-13
history gloriousj@webtv.net 10-02-11
i wanna see that! titty baby 10-02-11
Re: i wanna see that! gloriousj@webtv.net 10-02-12
two COLD faucets? that sounds pretty HOT 10-02-12
jesus called the torn man 10-02-09
Re: jesus called Propet of the obvious truth 10-02-24
cowboys and indians the mayan inquisidor 10-02-09
guv-mint cheez bato estrampado 10-02-08
airto moriera tells us about miles davis music using his own personal language of voice and percussion 10-02-08
how the FBI tried to bust Louie Louie we're all gods of the rock and roll machine 10-02-08
Re: how the FBI tried to bust Louie Louie dkhepkat, aka ego's dive 10-02-08
off broadway choco lite.....the life of the party 10-02-06
interviews of ayn rand on youtube popeye-x 10-01-26
ayn rand was a groovy chick a few quotes 10-01-27
the chiclets heads rule the planeta, no intelligent life found coco loco 10-01-18
mlk's birthday choco lite.....the life of the party 10-01-17
wrinkled lawn gnome hahahaha 10-01-18
happy birthday chucko popeye-x 10-01-15
jihad jimmie lost locos 10-01-11
jacking in the box popeye-x 10-01-10
Re: jacking in the box the Zeph 10-01-22
shitheads polvo land 10-01-07
does the pope shit in the woods? 10-01-07
Re: does the pope shit in the woods? clockwork orangesocks 10-01-11
Re: does the pope shit in thw woods? Alex the Great 10-01-22
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dead 10-01-01
Axis of Evil: Christopher Hitchens popeye-x 09-12-30
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pops dies on christmas day popeye 09-12-27
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if crystal meth is good enough for pastor ted haggard, it's good enough for me webgoat 09-12-23
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we DON'T need religion! pastor of ceremonies 09-12-24
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ok, that sounds plausible totalitarian dogma 09-12-27
kali ma is cooler than barbie ken 09-12-31
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Hawking on God Juxtapose Zephyr 09-12-21
very tactful popeye-x 09-12-23
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under pressure an improvised explicative device 09-11-26
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to mistake a fiction, for a reality is the tragedy of human understanding. gora, 1969 09-11-26