reading this website is like using maggot therapy for brainwash detergent

click me, you fuckfrom: popeye-x
1/8/02-12:41:30 AM-

there's something really repulsive about an old, rotted brain stem, poking up from beneath a seething mass of gluttonous maggots, feeding like ravenous sucker-pigs, scarfing up gangrene jello salads, garnished with brain cell caviar "taquitos", and smothered in a plethora of "fixins", meticulously gleaned from a real Old West gutwagon, you don't need to follow the stench of circling buzzards anymore, just find your favorite Internet search engine and type in: HEALED BY INJECTING HTML DIRECTLY INTO THE INFORMATION SUPERHYPOTHALAMUS GLAND behind your eyeballs, wait until the kaliedoscopic stabs erupt into volcanic migraine skullfuckery , suddenly the agony will subside, if you hurry to a mirror fast enough, you might see a huge dung beetle larvae, desperately trying to escape its hiding place inside your sinus cavities by forcing its way out of the nearest tear duct it can find... if you think that would make you cry, you're right, but the saltwater tears seem to have an almost acid-like corrosive meltdown effect on the stink bug's scrotum pole, soon it will be rolling your ball of shit around for you, keeping it clean, and making sure the extortion stink-baiters are up to date, you should see a phosphorescent phlem goober coagulating on the tip of your adrenal worm gland, carefully peel it off, being careful not to waste a single drop of the precious fluid, it should quickly gel into an oozing, sebacious Cheeto looking zit head scab, except its not orange, its dull green, like a salamander's wrinkly foreskin after mistakenly butt humping a sexy looking gob of pond scum, brimming with fresh clusters of cold sores and sodomy polyps, pop them open, you will find that the tumblebug larvae have been spawning their eggs under your eyelids while you sleep, don't be disgusted, its only DNA replicating, just be glad you didn't wake up from another panic attack anxiety nightmare, only to realize your traumatized genital pods have degenerated and sprouted barnacle encrusted cocoon helmets, thinking it must , don't be squeamish, just snap 'em off, and toss them in the buzzard asshole saladwagon bar and grill, two doors down from the polyurethane pizza mosque... be SURE and pour lots of raw Oxidol crystals on you're olfactory lobes, don't worry about the unbearable pain, before its all over, you'll be wishing you were back in the days when we used to put all our ostrich loogie nostril pellets into one, HUGE "tumblebug boogie ball", feel free to break off a nice chunk for yourself, cook it up in a rusty camping spoon, until it comes to a head and lets off a slight whiff of Vicks Vapo Rub, whip out your syringe again, and direct inject the entire liquified matza boil into the raw sienna skidmark behind the tumblebug's anus, now reboot, and check the tip of the tumblebug's weewee, Windows should have installed a tiny, itsy bitsy blinking Christmas tree light bulb in the peepee hole, kinda like ET's finger, but I think a tumblebug larvae with its own high beam, fiber optic, urethra mounted warning LED is much more high tech looking, don't you? Radio Shack is coming out with a new stun wand that looks like a harmless stink bug, walking across the lawn, and seemingly minding its own business. Resist the temptation to stomp its guts out. Not only will it stink to high heaven, but the internal taser amplifiers come with the new anti-terrorist Tesla coil inductors installed, the slightest touch will reroute a split second pulse of 23,000 volt current from the nearest power company distribution transformers to the bottom of your shoe, which will melt and make its own napalm styroplastic superfoam gel, instantly incinerating your entire leg, and lighting up your thigh bone ball socket like a cheap yellow porchlight... sooooo, read my website with all diligence and you will be instantly healed by the miracle power of neo-nazi Neosporin rats puking Rasputin snow cones and pooting viva la Raspa propaganda thru pulpit pitbull bullhorns. Let the hungry maggots crawl thru the tiny wrinkles in your brain, you may find your thoughts are like nesting love birds, squeezing out eggs left and right, sucking the rotted gangrene worms out of your head like long greasy shoestrings out of an old mildewed army boot, and regurgitating them into the gaping, begging mouths of freshly hatched neuron nodules, also know as POLYRIDDLES, just ask any drummer who knows his snare drum rudiments.



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