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Obstruction of Justice White House Style: You may not be aware of it, but your illustrious Commander-in-Chief, "dubya," is stifling and quashing criminal investigations left and right! In a USENET posting entitled: "O'Reilly: Bush Justice Dept. Hamstringing Pardongate Probers - Mary Jo White, U.S. Attorney for NY's Southern District is being discouraged from pursuing Justice," "CB" <CB@prayforme.com> wrote: > Investigators with the office of the U.S. Attorney for New York's > Southern District are being actively discouraged from pursuing > evidence of criminal wrongdoing in the Clinton Pardongate scandal, > with one insider charging that any prosecutor who tries to build > a case against the former first family may actually hurt his > career. > So says Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly, who made the > startling cover-up allegation in his column this weekend. > "Although the Justice Department continues to say the probe is > 'on the front burner,' agents have told me there is little > incentive to get things done," the Fox News commentator claimed. > "In fact, one investigator said, if you push too hard on the case, > you could find yourself in Fargo, N.D." > O'Reilly suggested that the Justice Department's go-slow regimen > for probing the Clintons' final White House scandal was likely > instigated by the Bush White House. > "George W. Bush understands the way the game in Washington is > played... Of course, Bush is likely instigating the quashing of the Pardongate investigation! Look, I was, for some time now, the only one on the Internet to publicize my suspicion that the Bush family was the procuring cause behind the Marc Rich pardon with Bill Clinton receiving illegal immunity from criminal prosecution in exchange for this political favor. Three White House insider bigwheels testified before Congress that Bill Clinton was NOT going to grant the Marc Rich pardon. The pardon was done at the very last minute during Bill Clinton's presidency with George "dubya" Bush reportedly stating to Clinton (at about the time of Bush's inauguration): "Now, don't go pulling a fast one!" Other investigations being quashed by the White House are: 1.) The investigation of illegal put option trading in the stocks of American Airlines, United Airlines and others right before the 9/11 attacks; 2.) The investigation of government/informant abuses at the Federal Bureau of Investigation with Bush claiming "executive privilege;" 3.) AND MOST IMPORTANT: Bush and Cheney are going to Senators Daschle and Lieberman pleading, "Please, please, please, don't have a broad investigation into the government's intelligence failings as they related to the 9/11 attacks on America." Obviously George "dubya" is paranoid that the investigations will end up right on his front doorstep, so, with this being the case, you can see that George "dubya" is one heckuva dishonest guy. Now, with this level of dishonesty being demonstrated by George "dubya," can you trust him to lead the war on terrorism which is, in all probability, nothing more than a sham and a scam falsely justified by the allowed-to-happen, opportune day of September 11, 2001? Please continue reading... U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft and President George "dubya" Bush have refused to comply with a Congressional subpoena requesting F.B.I. documents believed to disclose abuses in government/informant relationships. With the refusal came George "dubya" Bush's invoking "executive privilege" and stating that it is not in the "national interest" to release such documents. National interest?? BULLSHIT!! I've been in the corporate world long enough to know that when a corporate manager acts like "dubya" and gets suppressive of information, then his interest lies in only one thing: the covering of his own ass. What might "dubya" be fearful of here? Well, there most definitely have been abuses in the government's relationship with the scum-of-the-earth DiTomasso family of the Bronx, N.Y., and most likely the requested F.B.I. documents would shed some light on that relationship PLUS the highly suspect relationship between the DiTomasso's and [former] N.Y.C. Mayor Rudy Giuliani. From there, it is not a great leap to expect that certain formerly covert details of Giuliani's suspect relationship with the Bush family will come out, this, not to mention all these characters' suspect connections to arch-criminal Marc Rich. REMEMBER: IT MUST BE SUSPECTED THAT THE BUSH FAMILY WAS THE PROCURING CAUSE BEHIND THE PARDONING OF MARC RICH WITH CLINTON RECEIVING ILLEGAL IMMUNITY FROM CRIMINAL PROSECUTION IN EXCHANGE FOR THIS POLITICAL FAVOR! For more information, read on... THEY MAY AS WELL HAVE NAMED VITO, "MR. MURDER-FOR-HIRE," DITOMASSO, "MAN OF THE YEAR" The mob must be laughing their balls off at NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani's having been named _Time_ magazine's "Man of the Year!" And _Time_ magazine will become the laughing stock of the world once certain things come out in due time particularly the fact that _Time_ was put on notice on more than one occasion by my report on criminality in NYC plus other emails from me. Anyway, moving on... The last I heard about the government's investigation into the pre-9/11 illegal trading of put options for the stocks of American Airlines, United Airlines, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, and others in the WTC was that the government was taking a dive by allowing the investigation to just die. Now, why in the world wouldn't the government aggressively pursue the investigation if the prime suspects in this trading scandal were, in fact, Arab terrorists as was originally speculated? Apparently, the government DOESN'T WANT the real suspects apprehended because it doesn't want the suspects' true identities to be revealed! So, if there is a cover-up being done to protect someone(s) other than terrorists, WHO'S BEING PROTECTED HERE?? Now, if the DiTomasso/Solari/Porricelli families are behind the illegal puts trading and other shenanigans noted below, then this begs the question, "Where did they get the advanced notice and specific information regarding the impending attacks of 9/11," which begs the next question: "Did they get the info from their alleged pal N.Y.C. Mayor Rudy Giuliani, directly or indirectly?" And this begs the following questions: "Where would Giuliani have gotten the advance information?... from his tight relationship with George dubya Bush?... from his questionable connection to arch-criminal Marc Rich?... from whom?... WHOM???" The prior post follows: Maybe Stephen DiTomasso was in the World Trade Center on 9/11 after all! The story goes that Stephen DiTomasso, son-in-law of [what-kind-of-a (??)] Connecticut state legislator, was not at his ostensibly legitimate job at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 but rather was miraculously on vacation instead. However, now it has come out that $100,000,000 in fraudulent credit card transactions were entered into computer systems at the WTC on 9/11 just before the first plane struck the North Tower. Who done it? Well, the DiTomasso/Solari family had been heavily involved with credit card fraud and were associated with organized crime, this, not to mention the fact that they got some kind of carte blanche key to the city from New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani who, in turn, has some unholy connections to the Bushes and to the Clintons and to Governor Pataki! And then there was the highly suspect trading in American Airlines and United Airlines puts (plus others) just prior to the September 11th attacks. It sure looks like illegal insider trading by someone who, by the way, did not bother to reveal himself by claiming his huge profits after the attacks when the prices of the puts' underlying stocks plummeted. By coincidence, just by coincidence, Stephen DiTomasso and his cousin Michael Porricelli (of the Old Greenwich, CT and Foodmart Porricellis) are both stockbrokers and aunt Eleanor Porricelli (nee Solari) was a receptionist at yet another stock brokerage firm. All of this should raise a few eyebrows at the United States Secret Service, but then again maybe any future criminal investigation will be quashed by the powers-that-be just like all of the past investigations regarding the DiTomasso/Solari families. Note: If you do decide to read my report on criminality in the google.com archive (referenced below), please be advised that Part 2 grew over time with more and more material being added up front, so the content of most interest is lower down in the criminality report. -*-*-* Original Internet posting starts here *-*-*- Doesn't This World Trade Center Coincidence Bother Anyone? FOREWORD: If the Federal government - meaning the Clinton/Reno *and* the Bush/Ashcroft administrations - can obstruct justice in the DiTomasso/NYPD/biker narcotics case, taking not one iota of appropriate action and letting everyone off the hook to walk scott free, then the feds are, oh, sooooo dishonest as to allow scores of their own people to be horribly crushed, burned, and maimed in the September 11th attacks. Now, I'm not definitively saying that "the ring" did "it." What I am really trying to say is that they probably knew that "it" was going to happen, but they did nothing to stop "it" having realized the tremendous benefit potential to come out of "it." AND NOTE: THE FOLLOWING MENTIONS Osama bin Laden as a con- venient fall guy and scapegoat of dubya and company. Well, because the whole Taliban organization is so anti-feminism, it makes for a convenient target, enemy, scapegoat and fall guy for the whole feminized U.S. of A. which is ruled by the female majority who is more than happy to see war against the Taliban at the slightest drop of a hat as an excuse. The WTC attack of September 11, 2001 occurred in the Southern District of New York just a few blocks away from the offices of the U.S. Attorney for that district, Mary Jo White. If you recall, Mary Jo White and staff were placed in charge of investigating the Clinton pardons scandal, most notably the pardon of arch-criminal Marc Rich. Now, with the war following the WTC attack, no one is paying any attention to the progress of the pardons investigation. It may be a coincidence, but haven't the attacks and war served as a nifty diversion away from the pardons investigation? I'd also like to stress that it is my firm belief that it was George "dubya" Bush and father who were the procuring cause of the Marc Rich pardon (probably in exchange for illegal criminal immunity for Bill and Hillary Clinton and others), and, if this is, in fact, the case, then the Bushes must be singing, "Oh, What a Relief It Is," post-September 11. Now, let's consider Rudy Giuliani, Mayor of New York City. Giuliani was quite tight with dubya during dubya's Presidential campaign, and Giuliani was suggested as dubya's Vice-presidential running mate, but Giuliani was passed over in favor of Dick Cheney. Then, after dubya's election win, Giuliani was suggested as dubya's Attorney General, but Giuliani was passed over in favor of John Ashcroft. Then, after, the WTC and Pentagon attacks, dubya created the cabinet level post of Director of Homeland Security. Again Giuliani was suggested for this post, but, for the THIRD TIME, Giuliani was passed over by dubya. However, ego-maniac Giuliani never showed any hint of being sour grapes over these seeming snubs by the White House. Do you know why? Well, at first I thought that dubya was shunning Giuliani because Giuliani came with too much excess baggage in the way of latent scandals, but now I think differently. I think that all along the plan was to keep Giuliani right where he was, as Mayor of New York City, so that "the ring" could have an opportune and cooperating pointman... that is, right at the point of a grab bag containing upwards of $54,000,000,000 intended as the WTC attack recovery fund for New York City. This is not even counting the grab bag of billions of dollars which will go flying in all directions from the military to defense contractors (and back again) now that America is waging its "New War." Then you have arch-criminal Marc Rich who stands to earn tens of billions of dollars in the commodities markets during this war effort. Is it any coincidence that the following all have their connections to Marc Rich? 1. Rudy Giuliani as former U.S. Attorney 2. Former NYPD Police Commissioner Howard Safir as former head of the U.S. Marshal's Service 3. Former President George Bush, father of dubya 4. Former President Bill Clinton and 5. most likely the DiTomasso family of the Bronx via in-law, the late Joseph Solari, who was involved in a shady commodities trading company in Conakry, Guinea, Africa. See my two part report on criminality in NYC which alludes to a major narcotics ring involving the NYPD which received cover-up protection from every govern- ment agency in NYC on the local, state, and federal levels. Do a google group advanced search at: http://groups.google.com/advanced_group_search use DiTomasso as your search keyword and use Mar 01, 2001 as your from and to dates at the bottom of the window. Go back to the top of the window, and click on the search button which is near the "sort by relevance/date" selector. The posting, "Part 2 of 2 Woman Killer Gets Protection from Fed., State, ..." is of most interest, but Part 1 of 2 is of interest as well. Mr. Murder-for-hire Vito DiTomasso (of 1814 Bogart Ave., Bronx, NY 10462) was heard mouthing off on the street that he owned the city and that he owned the police department. Vito DiTomasso, normally an intensely morose individual, was reported to have been "dancing on air" shortly after the attacks of September 11. Additionally, rumor has it that his son wasn't at work at the World Trade Center on September 11. No, he was conveniently on vacation instead. It would not surprise me in the least if Marc Rich was the mastermind behind the September 11th attacks, and the hijackers may not have had a clue as to whom they were working for. Osama bin Laden, due to his past reputation and the fact that some of the hijackers did have some connections to him, makes bin Laden a convenient fall guy and scapegoat for dubya and company!



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