Re: "Chicks" (overall site)

from: Ed_Zeppelin
2/12/02-9:20:48 PM-

I'm with you. I have no idea what "Chicks" is about, since I have no memory for names of stories, but if its on the site I've read it. I think it's a disgusting, degrading piece of crap. (I mean, what are the odds?) Its high time people paid notice of the sheer audacity of this Popeye-X feller. But you don't really know the whole story, friend. Popeye-X was one of the first commandos sent into Queh Pahso valley when his country called him to serve, when those namby-pamby Froggy fuckers were run out on a rail by Ho Mi Chin's embattled, under-e-quipped forces and they came crawling to us for help. Why? Because Popeye-X is not afraid to tell the truth. He went in there armed only with a Wamirack, a warez of Paris and a Reaktor module and piped loud, obscene sounds at them, day and night, for 16 fucking years, pal. Back when you were shitting in a sandbox with Mary Jane Rottencrotch, Popeye-X was out there beating the shit out of the "old 88" and living up to his mantra "Shut up, pack your shit, and get the fuck out!" There were giants in those days, boy. I remember once we did some four-way blotter of pineal gland extract, and were playing some 5-card Tarot, (pentacles wild), when ol' Popeye-X got a pair of hanging men and held out over a bozo guitarist with 3 fools showing. That takes balls, son. We wept with pride. Another time, at band camp, Popeye-X was master of ceremonies for the young Republican parade, when he was called upon to stand up and salute the grandstand, but because he was in a Studebaker convertible right behind a couple of slightly pudgy 15-year-old majorettes in skintight spangled leotards he couldn't stand up because his humility wouldn't allow him to cause consternation and insane jealousy among the assembled Republican youth at the size of his erect Johnson, and instead he saluted them with his patented "half a peace sign" salute. It was in all the papers, surely you must have read about it. So take care when casting your jaundiced eye upon the work of the master, and jauntily assailing us with your unsought critique of his literary tripe, lest we ask you to let us see some of YOUR writing and flaggiberate in return as to it's dubious merits.



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