dental appt


Listenin to Fugazi "13 Songs" right now. I can listen to that almost non-stop without tiring of it. > I have a dental appointment tomorrow morning - the first in years and the first of many, I fear. Not that my teeth are in bad shape, no, far from it. My teeth are beautiful instruments of mastication. Even the one that I removed with the canopener a year or so back: http://spreadeagleranch.com/images/dental.jpg It was a fine specimen and more or less as pretty and white as you would expect from a guy who smokes a pack a day and drinks more coffee than Balzac. I was proud of it and of all the rest of my beautiful teeth. It's the rest of my mouth that seems to regard my teeth with such disdain. It shrinks away from them a bit more each day. The gum around my back molar treats that tooth with absolute revulsion and will have almost nothing to do with it. I say that I am at a loss and must effect some sort of compromise between the two offended parties else my tooth will simply die from exposure. It is already putting up a steady complaint, which has been duly and vociferously noted for over a week now. I fear that my jawbone is giving me no support in my attempts to bring my gums and teeth to some sort of understanding. It has itself seemingly given up the struggle and resigned itself to be leeched away to the dust and lime from which it sprang. The more the jaw gives way to inexorable entropy - made all the more inexorable by its cowardly surrender to an alterable fate - the greater the distance the gum must extend to provide the nurturing and succorance that, for all it's apparent strength and latent power, the tooth must have in order to even survive. > The gum has put up the good fight these many years, and I cannot say that I bear it ill will for showing the signs of strain. No, I fault the bone itself. For without that plinth - support, mind you, that it is only natural to expect from such an edifice - the column of my dentrifice would not stand no matter if my gums were as strong as old hides. The bone itself is at fault. My teeth will soon begin to rock and give way a bit from the force of the betrayal. > What I cannot fathom is, where is the bone eroding to? It's not as if there were tides in my body washing against my little mandibles or wearing them as the stones in a stream from some mysterious currents in my flesh. Certainly the force of my bites are not sufficient erode bone. Do not other men bite even harder with no ill effect? If the mass of bone is being leeched off to fill some deficiency elsewhere in my body, where is that deficiency and why do I not have a say in the matter? For that matter, what is the source of the deficiency anyway? Do I not take in even more calcium and other bone-building nutrients than I ever did before? Did some receiving clerk enzyme forget to check in our last few shipments of minerals and such? Where are my expeditors? Who the fuck is running the ship?! > I digress. I look forward to seeing the dentist tomorrow. I like having my picture took, and this'll be even better. I wonder if they can give em to me on disc and let me put em on the Ranch. Course that'd be almost as good as givin a DNA sample to anyone who wanted to ID me, but hell, look at my one and only tat on the post page at the Ranch. For Pete's sake, I'll never be able to hide my stinkin ass. > "The zealous pursuit of a futile endeavor ennobles the spirit of Mankind and makes great History." Mugtoe



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