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These things only stay up for a couple of weeks, which is why I quoted the text so future sociologists examining this he are message board can enjoy it too. Right now you all can check it out for yourself.


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RAREST MICKEY MOUSE Russian Toy Vacuum wEiRd!
Item # 1076389165

Collectibles:Disneyana:Vintage (Pre-1968):Other Vintage Disneyana

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Mikhail Mouse

Country USA
Started Feb-20-02 15:45:58 PST envelope mail this auction to a friend
Ends Feb-27-02 15:45:58 PST
Seller (Rating) diverseyuck (54) star
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Amazingly rare Mickey Mouse item from Russia!

Oh, what will those crazy Soviets think of next? From the land of cheap vodka, cheaper women and mail-order brides comes what surely is the rarest and ugliest Walt Disney item I have ever seen! It's a toy vacuum cleaner that looks like a strange sex toy for aliens! Those Glasnost boys don't believe in paying royalties as they have a really crude image of Mickey and Minnie Mouse on the sides of the package that's most certainly not authorized but definitely more than just a Mickey lookalike. I suppose you could call him Mikhail Mouse. "Support the local economy" cries Boris Yeltsin, "that Eisner guy has too much money already." Imagine the glee of little Russian tykes opening up this amazing package when they received it on Christmas morn many years ago. "Oh mommy, this is magnificent...you know how I want to vacuum, and slave and toil over a hot stove and mop floors as a career choice...thank you again." This is a toy vacuum but may actually be full size as I've heard houses are really small in Russia. Good old Mickey and Minnie don't appear anywhere on the vacuum itself, just on the packaging. Mickey appears to be vacuuming Minnie or maybe he's just probing her...it's hard to tell. That wacky Russian rodent! I can't understand how this thing works as the directions are all in Walt Disney's favorite slavic language - Russian. Go figure. The Russians are really good at plagiarism but still have to learn the export business and that's why I'm helping them by selling this useless (or priceless) piece of junk for them. Invite your friends in for a lovely plate of borscht and have a vacuuming party. Great for sucking up Soviet lint or that last drop of Stolichnaya from the bottle. Remember your initial bid in American dollars is equivalent to 4 years of the Russian G.D.P. so you'll be helping out lots of women and children and goats.

$5.00 shipping or its Russian equivalent of 9 billion rubles in the US/Canada. Paypal, checks, money order, cash, stamps and yes I'll even trade this for carrots and flour. If bids go over $9,000.00 I'll throw in 2 pigs and a chicken.


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