SnOw MaN's Deep Fry Shack

from: SnOw MaN 02-03-13-14:31

i've got nothing to do today except make and eat around 10,000 hotwings (which i love so much) those tasty little morcels of spicy hot , yet delightfully blue cheese induced coolness pieces of chicken. i dont make actual "chicken wings".. you know the little drum sticks and wings.. i cut up chicken breasts into little 2"x2" pieces, batter them up by dipping them in a egg/milk mix then dipping them in flour and deep fry them for about 10 mins..then i let the most part of the oil drip off on a plate with papertowels for a few seconds, then i throw them in a large bowl with about a cup of my own speically made hotwing sauce consisting of Texas Pete Wing Sauce, and Texas Pete Hot Sauce, mixed with a ratio of around 2:1.. then i pour the heep of "High-cholesterol & Heartburn In A Bowl" into a nice sized bowl, then i get me a big ol' bowl of blue cheese dressing and a huge pile of celery..i then make about a quart of iced tea. then i set it all down at my desk by my keyboard (i have 2 pullout shelf things, one for my keyboard, and one for whatever.. i then get a wet towel to wipe my hands off for my "Hotwing Intermission" where i type up whatever scripts or html code i might have dreamed about the night before and i then go at it.. and enjoy all that hearty goodness that comes with dying young yet happy.

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