it's spelled "Newman"

Puppy-Wuppy man

Are you doing this on purpose? "Rational anger?" Please. Stop. You're. Hurting. Me. I was going to let it go with a shitload of irrelevant links, but then you got personal ... posting umpteen links about "Ed" or "Zeppelin" or whatever... (BTW, that was a brilliant response to my ridiculous accusation that you post too many irrelevant links, by posting a bunch of irrelevant links... kinda like a whitetrash Buddhist mandala there, the wheel of life whirling around, just out of reach...) Then I thought maybe you'd see your way to understanding more clearly if I posted another round of useless IRRATIONAL links to the word "asshole." I mean, come on, I'm scraping the bottom there, seeing if you would do a link-o-rama to "Fleugelhorn" or something. So far my "incoherent ranting" has consisted of alt/tabbing between google and here, cutting and pasting irrelevant links in response to whatever you do. That's exactly what you seem to have been doing for as long as I've been here. You mean all this time you've been angry? "Irrationally" angry, even? You never once actually chimed in with an opinion or furthered the "rational discourse" you regard so zealously. That's what's really cracking me up, anger has nothing to do with it, especially "rational" anger, whatever the fuck that is. It's you hopping on a soapbox in a pretty blue dress, sobbing to the jury about perceived assaults and dabbing crocodile tears from your eyes with a lace hanky while you point a shaky finger at me and quiver "that's him. He's the asshole..." It's standing before us in your ecumenical garb, thumping the good book and telling us to behave ourselves, that this is a place of worship and quiet introspection, like a prison chaplain in the midst of a riot. It's trying to tell me that I'm an asshole without actually saying who you're talking about. Of COURSE I'm an asshole. Get over it. Jesus, haven't you been listening? If everybody here would just reply to this post "Yes, Ed is an asshole" I would weep with joy knowing I had found true understanding at last. Just go back randomly to six months or a year ago and start reading. If someone posted something clever or obscene or foul-mouth griping about the gubmint, it's almost invariably followed by a completely irrelevant link by "Webster" or "dickcheese" to a site for cellulite therapy or raising gay gophers. I ain't making it up, take a few minutes and go check it out for yourself. Is that "rational" enough? Was it "coherent?" More importantly, when I take time off from being an asshole for silly shit like I've been doing the past week, tedium sets in. Nobody has been talking about anything else. Frankly, I'm itching to actually GET angry and go off on a diatribe about something other than your personal cyber-relationship issues. Hell, we got wogs flying 747s into buildings and a prez who thinks it's time for WWIII, using words like "Homeland" and "Axis" that haven't been heard in fifty years. Me being a dickhead kind of pales in comparison, don't it? This is a classic case of snowballing; by posting a shitload of irrelevant links in response to the one time you actually said something worthwhile, I was encouraging you to speak up. IT WAS A JOKE. Done in the spirit of Curly Howard, and I can prove that. (Can't I, Kurt?) I really do apologize if it made your panties entangle your labia, that's honestly not what I meant. I was just inviting you to the party. Maybe you can't handle that, and that's okay too. Face it, not everybody can be in the parade. Somebody has to clap as the show goes by.



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