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From:  "pincheesteban" <esteban@s...> Date:  Sat Mar 9, 2002  3:50 am Subject:  Re: More adventures in country radio ADVERTISEMENT P.K., I find this quite amusing. Especially, the "Willie-Nellie" portion! Here's a " 'willy-nilly' of yor" anecdote: The first time I remember hearing the phrase "willy-nilly", was from 1990's Frank Zappa: Meets The Mothers Of Prevention. This was a product of the Senate "Hearing" & the early days of the PMRC. I have an hour-long video of these proceedings & own the LP. Best I remember, Tipper Gore was motivational in this PMRC organization. I believe she walked into her daughter's room & noted the lyrical content of Prince's "Darling Nicky." The PMRC pushed for a "rating system" for recorded music. They likely, perhaps single-handedly, are responsible for some recordings that have been "cleansed" & available at Wal Mart locations. I'm surprised some Rap titles have any information left! Since those days, the chameleononic(SP!) Prince has found some religous inspiration & has assured the objectionable lyrics are gone. Hardly, makes any difference to me. He's been so prolific, if I want some "blue" lyrical content from Prince, the symbol, the artist formerly known...etc...There is a wealth of such. I personally love his James Brownish "hanging in the '4'" song "Sexy M.F." Tipper & Al seemed to back away from what may have been unpopular to some, when looking for as many votes as possible. Oh well, then there's Chad.... This Frank Zappa song/sampling/social commentary is called "Porn Wars." Zappa, was/is an acquired taste. I found/find him to be genius & often quite fun. "Joe's Garage Pt. 1,2 & 3," one of my personal favorites. He also recorded damn near everything he ever played. From what I understand, he had two full-time "engineer/archivists" trying to make the most of these endeavors...for many years & up until his death. My guess, his wife Gail & offspring are still keeping these efforts, alive. Not sure. Nonetheless, he found himself on the "other side" of these hearings. I believe there was a certain portion of "valor" to the PMRC's concerns. I also think the Constitution & Bill of Rights to be incredibly important. These were pre-"Too Live Crew" or Marilyn Manson days. A whole 'nother subject, but I couldn't help but think of the 1950's book "Seduction of The Innoccent" which dealt with some of the explicit nature of comic books of that era. Managed to put E.C. Comics out of business. Did, manage to birth Mad Magazine, as a result & William S. Gaines continued to prove his genius. Many of the finer "comic" letterers/writers/colorers/artists moved forward...anyway. It'd be "over-the top" to compare these proceedings with Joseph McCarthy and/or some of J. Edgar Hoover's "finer" moments. But, I'd betcha' some similarities wouldn't be a big "stretch." Okay, guess it's obvious I've given some thought(s) to this simple phrase. I didn't understand the meaning of "willy-nilly", at the time. I think there may be some political timeliness to my thoughts, now. I'm guessing it means "sitting on the fence" or "talking out of both sides of one's mouth." Perhaps, a "fair-weather friend" or sometimes "working both sides against the middle." Still, not completely sure. I swear to not "drill" (mischievious) for an answer. When the N.Y. Times, the L.A. Times,,the many Heralds or Tribunes....come calling, maybe it'd be a good idea to use "no comment" or ask for time to search for a meaningful answer. "Porn Wars" is a 12:05 track that features numerous musicians & a montage of the sampling talents (I believe) of Zappa cohort, Bob Rice. There are portions of statements from Tipper Gore, Frank Zappa (some exemplarary!) & Senators Danforth, Gore, Hawkins, Trible, Exon & (finally, relevance) Senator "Fritz" Hollings. When I was living my "wonder years" in South Carolina, I was a Bigtime fan of Hollings. I'm not sure that's something to worry about...I was somewhere between 8 & 10 years old. Some of Holling's comments are mildly amusing ... (paraphrasing)... "having a chance to listen to some of this "so-called-pone-rock" I can't make any comment about it's social relevance, since I couldn't understand what was being said." to (remember he noted he couldn't understand the words) "this music being outrageous filth." Then (& I'm sure finally & At last) "Willy-nilly over here, willy-nilly over there..." That comment exists in context & in a sampled repeat throughout the 12+minutes. When he talks, I swear I hear a voice that "SCREAMS" Foghorn Leghorn...Mel Blanc's character based on Senator Claghorn from the Fred Allen Radio Show...whom no doubt was based on a real southern politician. Try to 'slip' a 'side-bar' comment, whilst trying to teach a young chicken-hawk 'the ropes' with the phrase "pone-rock." Then, I think there's a smile. Cheers to keeping my feathers numbered for such occassions! esteban p.s. I'll pledge for the "willy-nilly" t-shirt, in advance.



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