so that she does not force me
to go into prostitution

by popeye-x for Chukwudi Nwanze
this pic came with this message

Hi Popeye-X, How is everything with you, I need advise about my life, so I decided that I should write you. Well I know you are older than I am, but I chose to write you, because I know that you can be able to give me good advise that you can also give to a younger one, or your child. I want you to take me as your daughter. My name is Chukwudi Nwanze. I am a 17-year-old Nigerian girl. I am seeking for your assistance to pay my school fees. I am a student of Springfield High School, Benin city, Nigeria. I am an orphan, I lost my parents and my kid brother Kelly to ghastly motor accident three years ago. After the death of my parents, I started residing with my aunt (my mums elder sister).Initially, she was good to me, but after some time, she started persuading me to go into prostitution. I told her that I don't want to go into such act. I made her know that I am in my final year in school, and if I am able to graduate this year, then I will have a good job and start a good life, but she was bent on me going to Italy for prostitution. Well after she persuaded and I refused, she decided not to pay for my school fees again, but I have been begging her to help me with my tuition. She refused, she frowned at all my plea to get money from her to resume school. I contacted my school, but they told me that there is nothing much they could do. They could help me with a free accommodation, if I can be able to pay my school fees. This is to enable me leave the house, so that she does not force me to go into prostitution, and be able to prepare for the examination without much stress. My prayer now is for me to be able to pay me school fees, because immediately I pay the fees, I will leave my Aunt's house and go to the school's dormitory. The school fee is N15, 500, that equivalent to $145. I have been seeking for assistance here in Nigeria, but i have been punished by my aunt for asking for money from a neighbor, she said i give people the impression that she is wicked. Good education is what I need now, and I just have to be begging to have it. My late parents always told me that all great men were educated, if I dedicate my time and become well educated that I will become great. But I am beginning to see it as something that I might never achieve. Please is there anyway that you can assist me with the money, please just take me as your friend, I urgently need to pay my tuition, please I am begging you to help me. I will be very grateful for any assistance you can render. Please I will be expecting your e-mail to know how you can help me. Extend my greetings to all members of your family. Thanks. Sincerely Yours Chukwudi Nwanze



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