down mammary lane

From: popeye-x for Ed_Zeppelin

from the Churn, 12/99


Well, I think the ideal PPX groupie showed up at the Anti-PPX list, her name is SHAWN. She seems like just the kind of girl I've been keeping my eye peeled for... a 12 year old blind chick, (13 in February), with a family history of incest and abuse. It seems she actually went blind while looking at the UGLY TALK page. I'm sure glad she got that braille keyboard, all the "hippy horn-dogs" on the list are all hot and bothered by little SHAWN, [right, Ed?]. Go check her out! Don't tell Doc, he's been trying to horn in on my action lately, I'm thinking about emailing in those toilet-cam .avi's I made in Toronto, just to shut him up.

on Friday, December 03, 1999 at 18:29:43 (PST)

Up yours! How you could make fun of that BOY (they never say which gender they are, but I thought "Shawn" was a mis-spelling of a male name) you amazingly insolent porcelain-humper? There was nothing about incest or abuse, either. Shit, were we even reading the same thing?

You are one weird bastard. Here's what's happening; Turkie Nazi threw a hissy fit and "left" the list, only to return as a male named Noone17. In an incredibly stupid move, they showed themselves to be her/he/it with a string of blunders like Tim Conway on biker-crank.

When challenged to name the search engine their "children" had used for a search on Michael Bolton, (!) that had produced Popeye-X's horribly offensive website, she/he/it took about two days to come up with "Google.com" where, indeed, PPX's website was #360. No other search engine or metasearch produced Popeye-X's page about Michael Bolton, just one page out of like a hundred that this hag/fuckhead/thing had been ranting about for (so far) over 1,000 posts. Any "normal" person would have emailed the page's owner, said "fuck you" or "you suck" and left it at that.

Not this crazy bitch. She claims to have started a police investigation of PPX, claims to have a degree in Journalism, yada yada yada. It just goes on and on, and gets funnier and funnier. Finally some genius produced the post mentioned by Popeye-X, and it is one funny bastard. I really laughed until I cried. Maybe parts of it won't make any sense, if you haven't been following this delusional do-gooder finger-pointer, but as I told the person who wrote the Shawn letter; "...you are a genius. I take my hat off to you. Hell, I take my pants off to you."

Hope that clears stuff up a little. That's all we need, Popeye-X in here bellowing about incest and 12-year-old girls. Jeez, it's hard to defend the sick fuck when his brain does shit like that, and it doesn't have a hell of a lot to do with Amish, does it? How many websites does he need, anyway?




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