good news and bad news

Morris shakes my hand at a River City Music party, while Bart Nichols and Cathy Cunningham look on.

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Ok, I got good news and bad news,
here's the
good news:

Just by random chance, I ran into Morris Kalt over at Lynne Proffitt's house this past Thursday (4 days ago). 12-19-02,I was glad to see him, I had heard he almost died trying to drink himself to death. He was in horrible condition, it was like looking at a ghost, but his voice sounded normal, he seemed to have the same personality he always did

I have known Morris since we were in the same 9th grade PE class at Churchill High, in 66-67. That PE class was where I first heard of some guy named Frank Zappa. My classmates seemed to all know the words to a record about "Suzy Creamcheese". That was about 35 years ago.

Later, starting around 1978, Morris had this cool music store named River City Music, everybody used to hang there and buy their music gear, I still have a whole stack of River City receipts.

Morris and I stood in Lynne's yard for about half an hour, talking about old times, all the various people we both knew, all the stupid stuff we used to do. I took him inside the house and showed him this website. He saw a recent pic from the Blast reunion set at Casbeers last month and said: "Is that you? You look horrible." I replied: "I agree, but Morris, you don't look so good yourself." 

Ok, that's the good news,
here's the
bad news:

The next day, Friday, 12-20-02, Robar Adams called me and told me Morris Kalt had just died, apparently from a self inflicted overdose. I can't even describe how deeply that saddens me.

All who knew him will miss him.



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