where are all the lazy europeans?

from: popeye-x

<popeye-x> where are all the lazy europeans?

<popeye-x> at least us americans wake up

<popeye-x> staying up late is probably how hitler got the drop on europe

<popeye-x> they went to sleep, and hilter stayed up late and took over

<popeye-x> america had to stay up even later to get it all back

<popeye-x> then texas had to save america's butt

<popeye-x> the whole world should pledge allegience to Texas

<popeye-x> and the king of Texas isn't Bush, its popeye-x

<popeye-x> I should be the King Of The World

<popeye-x> it makes sense if you think about it

<popeye-x> but you have to WAKE UP to be able to think

<popeye-x> do you think I give a fuck what year it is?

<popeye-x> I've been sitting in this room for over 30 years

<popeye-x> I didn't go to the Internet, it came to me

<popeye-x> nothing has changed except I have become world famous

<popeye-x> especially to lunatics

<popeye-x> Yashar37 read my website BEFORE he ever heard of #zappafiles

<popeye-x> why is that?

<popeye-x> because I stayed up late

<popeye-x> because I'm not LAZY

<popeye-x> its 4 am here, that means its 11 am in Europe.

<popeye-x> wake the fuck up you bastards

<popeye-x> BowTieDaddy gets all fucked up and passes out

<popeye-x> meanwhile popeye-x vigilantly keeps guard

<popeye-x> Bengo got so bombed he forgot to put on his "pajamas", i. e. change his nick to BengoDreamer

<popeye-x> sibbz, the alcoholic dutchman, just stumbles back to his laundry room where he keeps cases of brew, he won't be sober anytime soon

<popeye-x> popeye-x is the only one who CARES about the channel enough to keep an eye on it

<popeye-x> all the Europeans are drunk on their asses

<popeye-x> I guess

<popeye-x> I could be wrong

<popeye-x> if so.... nevermind



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