I have a new fan

from: Mugtoe

kayla you still think my boyfriend can take down the internet well who ever gave you that idea is lying. i never said that. I only said that he could take down a server maybe a network, but not the internet. god i dont think anybody but the creater of the internet can do that. whatever you all do is none of my business and with you all getting all up in mine isnt morally right and besides i came her for fun but you all didnt want anybody else to come to your irc network for fun. I rather have people come to our irc network for fun because thats all im about. if you had given me a chance in the begining you would have seen that but i guess you all dont give anyone a chance. oh well it doesnt matter. i dont care about the pictures now they arent as bad as i thought. if you really think im stupid well your dead wrong i know what it takes to be that way and its people like you because your all bullies who like to pick on people who seem to you helpless but im not helpless. i dont even need my boyfriend to defend me. i can take care of myself, but it shows you all that i have my pride which i dont see in any of you. it also shows that you all are acting out in some kind of twisted weird play or something that nobody will ever see or record or ever hear of. its sad dont ya think. little people like you have no life no place to go or no friends except for the internet but even then that doesn't count. who knows you all may be very nice in real life but i dont know that and i will never know. well i have said my peace. oh by the way mugtoe if your laughing right now be my guest but you better take me serious. i dont want to ever be in any of your shoes, but if mugtoe hadnt carried on like a sick little pervert oh wait not pervert fucker then i would have never come back to the network and i would have posted on here like everyone else did. thanks mugtoe for being an ass that you are. i guess you will never know what a nice woman i am. i can be very cold as well as you seen but never as cold as you mugtoe. oh well you cant be choose to be nice to everyone. i was at the begining until all hell broke out. its your lose not mine. i know better places to go than here so good bye forever.



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