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Well, we see on today's page that yet another tcmn dive has bitten the dust. Who's next? Casbeers perhaps? Guess the only live music venue that's still cool is Floores Country Store in Helotes. Sure miss Cibolo Creek Country Club. I remember when this town actually had GOOD venues. So Wings will not be missed... 
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from that great musical expert, the totally full of shit DRUNKEN WINDBAG
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Date: Fri Feb 7, 2003 4:09 am

Subject: More joyous info...

...argghh! I guess I've had the pleasure (sumtimes pressure) to know enough "show folk" to field quite a bit o' information.

Seems that the TABC paid Wings Booze & Blues a visit, this afternoon. For awhile, there'll be blues & no booze. I've been assured they (TABC) were polite about the whole affair. I'm certain they hadn't planned to "rain on the parade" of tomorrow night's gig. Anyway, neccessity sent Wanda S. to relocate Savoy Brown... just a short distance "across the tracks"(literally) & even on the same side of the street. Savoy Brown will be playing at THE WEST AVE. CLUB & SPORTS BAR 4500 WEST AVE. That's the previous location of Fumducks & the previous location of Tiffany Billiards. It's likely that many that visit this Bulletin Board know of Savoy Brown. If so/if not...I'll note a few details.

Without doubt, Kim Simmonds will "head up" the band... The first Savoy Brown record was released in 1967 & was called "Shake Down." That debut recording was all blues covers...which might have seemed odd or maybe really groovy in "swinging London." Savoy Brown begat a few bands, most notably Foghat & I'm sure their "boogie slant" was "nudged on" by Savoy B. Kim Simmonds was/is a stellar guitarist & no doubt was in good standing with British blues enthusiasts. I'm sure that he hobnobbed with many notables at the Crawdaddy Club & The Marquee. There were quite a few blues enthusiasts that "held fort," in those days. In a way, there were blues conservatories...what with, the likes of John Mayall, Cyril Davies, Alexis Korner...Long John aldry...etc..etc... I'm sure Kim "lifted pints" w/ Clapton, Peter Green, Mick Taylor & similar "true believers."

I believe his current "touring band" have some common acts where they'd worked together. Such as Duke Robillard, Sam Taylor, Shemika Copeland, Robert Charels, Sam Taylor & even Commander Cody. Sounds like an impressive background. I heard some "blues standards" for the first time ... via Savoy Brown...I believe one example would be "Wang Dang Doodle." Other songs of note would be "Tell Mama", "Street Corner Talkin' "Made up my Mind," "Nowhere Train," & "Hellbound Train."

It'll be semi-Londonesque outside, tomorrow night. I'm sure it'll rock some boogie blues, inside. Why not catch some legendary action??? Really.

The trials & tribulations of club ownership are typically (at least borderline) masochistic. I know of some other job descriptions that share similarities <snicker>. I'm sure Wanda will post some details, soon ... rat here. Meanwhile, I bet she'd appreciate your support... tomorrow night. I'd imagine the collective "we" here... aren't complaining about too many live music clubs in our area! Viva musica dela live-OH!!!



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