the overwhelming object of his devotion

from: popeye-x
dialup04226.intersatx.net 03-02-18-02:53

My brother Kyle was here today, he was looking around my studio, and he freaked out when he saw this ceramic pink donkey with a green mane prominently displayed. It used to be on our dresser in our room when we were little boys. He was about 3 years old, that donkey is one of his earliest memories in life. He was fascinated by it, looking at it and marvelling that I still had it. What's even better is I still have him!

We got this Sonor drum set from Meemaw in 1964, the year the Beatles came to America, I have the same brand and color of drums in my studio now, I bought a new set in 2000, but 2 of the 6 cymbals on the set are the old corroded, green crusty cymbals from the original 1964 set.

Kyle was astonished that I actually had those same cymbals set up in my room right now, about 6 feet away from the pink donkey with the green mane, it was fun showing him my sentimental objects, they are just as sentimental to him.

But the overwhelming object of his devotion had to be my Les Paul guitar. I've had it since it was new in 1974 or 75, I guess its about 28 years old, I can't count any more, but you know how old guitars get, all that playing kind of wears them down, gets them feeling real good to your fingers, real smooth, like something polished for decades, lots of human skin oil rubbed into it, there's even a brown streak down the back of the neck from pot resin on my thumb. The guitar used to be off white, now is very antique cream, slightly yellowed and mellowed.

Kyle was holding it, stroking it, strumming it, talking about it, fingering it, and he begged me to please put him in my will to get that guitar, just in case, (hey that's funny, "just in case"), I was tempted to just give it to him now, but he probably wouldn't take it, not yet.



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