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The Alamo Community College District is looking into allegations that Interim Chancellor Ernest Martinez violated district policies regarding the purchase and personal use of district property(here we go again). The district auditor presented a confidential report examining possible policy violations during a lengthy executive session that ended at 2 a.m. Wednesday, but the board adjourned the meeting in open session without taking any action on the matter.

"I wouldn't say we won't do anything," board Chairman Gene Sprague said. "Some action will be taken on this."

He said he likely would call a special board meeting within the next two weeks to resolve the matter.

Martinez, who announced the day before the meeting that he would be taking medical leave indefinitely, could not be reached for comment(wonder why he couldnt be reached?).

Without going into specifics, Sprague said the internal audit examined purchases of plants(what kind of plants?). He characterized the matter as a minor incident.

"It's not like it was something he was trying to hide," Sprague said but added: "The fact that it was done by a person in a high position adds more importance to it."

Although the board agenda item did not specify which district employee may have violated policy, Sprague and other trustees confirmed it was Martinez.

A district employee brought the matter to Sprague's attention after the employee noticed irregularities while going through purchasing records. The board chairman said he then asked district internal auditor Ray Patterson to review the matter.

Martinez didn't attend Tuesday's board meeting. He informed trustees and district staff Monday in a memo that he was taking medical leave indefinitely. But Sprague said another memo issued a day later stated Martinez expected to be out about a week.

The possible policy violations come at an awkward time for the ACCD board, which under the direction of reform-minded leadership has attempted to put the district's turbulent past behind it.

Martinez was named interim chancellor last October after an out-of-town retreat by board members. He took the job under the condition that he not apply for the position permanently. The board since has assembled a committee to conduct a national search for a new chancellor(how about an arab from afganistan?...everybody else has fucked up the job).

Former chancellor Bob Ramsay resigned amid growing controversies in the district last fall, among them an ill-fated site for a new campus and a questionable contract process for a construction manager.

The district suffered its biggest black eye in 2002 after a Bexar County grand jury indicted two trustees, Donald McClure and Jesse Gonzalez, and former board Chairman Robert "Tinker" Garza on public corruption charges ranging from bribery to organized crime.

The last fuckin chancellor Bob Ramsay is being investigated for bribery right now...he is also the idiot who let John Onderdonk and Joe Horn run a non-student radio program for profit at sac,which still continues to this day....can you say taxpayer dollars spent?

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