perhaps from throwing
big high society banquets?

from: popeye-x
dialup04239.intersatx.net-03-02-20- 16:35

To my way of thinking, making a big high society to-do about the blues is kind of stupid. The reason its the blues is because its NOT high society. Seeing Taylor and Cureton trying to "be somebody" in San Antonio by jumping on the Robert Johnson bandwagon was RIDICULOUS. Only one guy on there sounded like Robert Johnson, the truly masterful Steady Rollin' Bob Margolin. But guess what? That track he did was recorded by him in one take in Dallas, and then sent to Wanda. Then Taylor and Cureton got the bright idea of making "historic" San Antonio recordings, not of blues, but of local yokels, and combining it with the ONE Robert Johnson related track, like its a package. I discovered this when every time I'd bring the subject up, Cureton would steer the conversation to this bogus Rusty Martin session with Margolin they arranged, to somehow get some linkage between the original Margolin track and all the San Antonio shit heads they tricked into doing it for free.

If it wasn't BOGUS, why in the fuck did that LYING bucket of chickenshit feel it so important to cover up the fact they had NOTHING to do with Bob Margolin's track?

Taylor tried to pass that off to me like HE recorded it. Bullshit, utter bullshit. I know because one day, Steve Cureton got really drunk and spilled his guts about the whole thing. The CD wasn't ready for the first "plaque banquet", all the artists got pissed and refused to play. This was in 2001, they tried to ressurrect the HORSESHIT in 2002, spamming for that BIG LIE is how Cureton broke the last straw with Nancy Gray. Now WINGS bites the dust bigtime. Where's your fucking high society plaque now? Fucking parasite phony music ASSHOLES!!!! I can't wait to see all of you go extinct!

The Duke was 1000% right about you all along!!!



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