Steve Cureton Is Not Even A Human Being

from: popeye-x

After MONTHS and MONTHS of being very pleasant and lying thru his teeth to cover two thieves who were robbing me blind, Bob Cox and Mike Taylor, Steve Cureton didn't have the guts to believe me when Bob Cox poisoned my little Babycat and called me on the phone on 5/16/02 to gloat about it. He dropped Taylor and Cureton in the grease as part of the "piss-off". I didn't have the slightest idea my so-called friends were in on it, too.

I was utterly devastated, they're still saying I lost my mind, but that's what extreme grief can do to a human being. Unbearable pain can make you crazy, for a while anyway.

Steve Cureton called me up on 8/18/02, STILL trying to pass off his previous lies, 3 MONTHS after the game was up, apparently he was only one left still believing his own treacherous horseshit. By then my rage at him had calmed to subdued disgust at such a pathetic excuse for a man I thought I knew. He was drunk, as usual, and he was saying, "I love you, man." He said it 17 times, or so, and I couldn't take it any more, I calmly replied, "No, you don't, you only love yourself." To which he EXPLODED, roaring like the devil in the Exorcist, you've never heard anything like it in your life. It was exactly like the singer for Slipknot. The Devil. He tried to keep his lies going, psychotically jumping from fragment to fragment, so I said, in a consoling voice, "What do you want me to do? Act like I believe you so you'll feel better? I don't hate you, I feel sorry for you. You are so weak, you make me sick." He went ape-shit wild trying to think of what LIE to say next, and then he blurted out something which I couldn't believe he said, something for which I will never forgive him. 

Referring to my little Babycat, who was murdered, as kind of a cherry on top of a 4 year rip-off, Steve Cureton actually said to me,

"Seventeen year old cat? He probably did her a favor!"

Steve Cureton is not even a human being. He is the bottom of the barrel, absolute PITS of the San Antonio scene. That pleasant manner you experienced is a front he puts on, beneath it lies this creature, this DEMON, the epitome of a liar, a thief, and a sociopath without conscience. I know no one will believe what I am saying, I couldn't believe it either. I DO NOT make up stories this fucked up, God is my witness, every word I have written is true.

I wouldn't again be friends with that bucket of chickenshit under ANY circumstances, and I recommend you do the same.

The other people on this board have their own separate reasons for hating Steve Cureton. Don't think we have talked each other into our present opinions. Duke tried to tell me a long, long time ago, and I defended Steve Cureton, causing a serious conflict between me and the Duke. I now know, not only was he dead on, I can add some new depth to it, because Steve Cureton has sunk to a low so low that the people who think they know him would simply not believe it. I understand that, he seems very pleasant, doesn't he?

I hope that answers your question about why I hate Steve Cureton. I've never seen such a lying chickenshit piece of shit in my life. All that recording equipment he helped stash over at Edit Point Studios was financed by money stolen by Bob Cox and Mike Taylor. That is also how they funded Bexar Nekkid Music. Steve Cureton's contribution to the scam is to provide the LIES to cover these other two THIEVES. He thought he was going to be a big local music star. Since he's only providing the LIES, he wasn't allowed to mix a single track on HOT TAMALES, nor was he allowed to have even one pre-release CD burn of the mixes. This well known "sound mixer extraordinaire" was only allowed to be a recording engineer, in other words, he set signal levels. And it is for this glorious contribution to the historic San Antonio recordings commemorating Robert Johnson that this bucket of chickenshit helped rip off a friend who trusted him and defended him, right up until Bob Cox called me and made it quite clear "Taylor was the key to the whole thing."

To this day, Taylor and Cureton stick to the story that I've lost my mind, actually I've lost money, but I've found something else... the real truth about Mike Taylor and Steve Cureton.