Understanding Is Appreciated

from: popeye-x

Your understanding is much appreciated. But don't condemn these others. Their conflicts are valid, too, just not as severe. The reason I defend them is they are they ones who were understanding of me. Duke in particular showed what he was made of by accepting my apology for defending Cureton. Yes, I am a known lunatic, yes, Duke is a known lunatic. He and I at loggerheads is a recipe for total shit, anyone will tell you that. But we both have an inner sense of wrong and right that is bigger than our overblown egos, and we aren't afraid to come clean, be friends, and put it all back together. This is a trait that Cureton doesn't have, not because he doesn't know better, or because he's made a mistake, but precisely because he's a bucket of lying chickenshit, as we have been saying. Now come on. It doesn't have to be stated in a polite adult fashion to be true or not. Try to expand your understanding, if you show something besides reluctance, maybe they will lay it out for you, maybe they won't. They've laid it out for me, plus I've figured it out for myself, too. I see the Duke credit on the Rusty Martin CD, I can easily imagine what happened, and that's only one example. I know these people. They ARE NOT in any way kissing my ass. Yes, they agree with me, but not because of me, but rather because I'm saying it out loud, like I have to you. If you appreciate my truthfulness, please be open to the probability that I am not the only one who is deeply disturbed by his or her association with this LYING PIECE OF CHICKENSHIT. I would like nothing better than to convince you, and everyone else, to not be fooled by Steve Cureton. THAT is the point.

Its obvious to everyone here you know Steve Cureton more than in just passing. You are defending him, that's ok, we've been there, too. It does mean a lot to me that you clarified you understand my feelings. Thank you. You are certainly not a fool, don't get offended so easily. You should have heard what Duke called me, haha. Its ok. He was RIGHT! The fucker gets so pissed off you wouldn't believe it. So do I for that matter. It not the end of the world.

Consider this if nothing else, you said Cureton seemed pleasant. Well, he is fooling you. Its not our fault. We're trying to hip you to the truth. You have shown politeness, I like that. You have repeatedly shown understanding, the truth is important to you, I like that, too. If you have anything further to add, I'm sure my friends don't mind easing up, just to hear your story. Perhaps you will have your own "Cure-Tone-Bluz", as Duke so hilariously put it, come tell us. We won't rub your nose in it at all. Like I said, I fought like cats and dogs with these friends, and look at us now. If you fuck with me, the Duke will be on your ass like stink on shit. Mrs. WalMartinez has said at least 1000 times, the Duke has never been anything but respectful to her. I wish I could make that claim. I have broken her heart on several occasions, just being a selfish son of a bitch. She forgave me because she loves me. Yes, I apologized, but I was the last one to come around, she already covered my ass for me. And guess what? I'll be goddamned if it wasn't about... STEVE MOTHERFUCKING CURETON! I didn't even realize that until just now!

Loathing Steve Cureton is not our only common bond. Once again, thru completely separate situations, all 3 of us loathe Third Coast Music Network, too. They aren't just in here giving people shit because its fun, they have legitimate conflicts to be pissed about, much larger than mine. Mine is just because I see right thru them, and they reject outright what I do, because its MODERN, but still has roots. This whole ball of shit is about so-called roots, we each have a different slant, but the same conclusion, we hate their guts and want them gone. Let us have our little laugh, we've certainly earned it.

Thank you for expressing understanding for my feelings. The value you put on the truth will not be ridiculed on this board, not because I'm laying down any rule, but because I know these people, the truth is something they place a high value on. They joke around, thank God they do. Enough tears have been shed already. Please don't be offended, but if you are, make no mistake about one thing, they aren't just being shitty. You have my word on that.

I would like to hear more from you, if not now, perhaps later. Please feel free to come back. You will never be hated for disagreeing, maybe made fun of, but not hated. I have a feeling you will be respected. Look at me & the Duke. Can you imagine the shit that must have flown? So many "pleasant" people are of the opinion that either of us are "impossible", they are SURE we are fucked up in the head. So if we're so fucked up, how come the Duke has said so many positive things about me, and vice versa? We are both FUCK YOU type guys, we wouldn't even kiss our own asses, much less each others. Mrs. WalMartinez is the same way, only not as overtly hostile about it, but damn near. Sometimes, I can articulate my feelings in a way that others can feel by reading. That doesn't make what I say true or not, it just makes it packaged so others may feel it if they have the integrity to do so. You have that integrity, and we all certainly appreciate your effort. You didn't have to clarify your feelings, and I respect that, and I thank you.

Dismissing what my friends have said is a mistake. They may not have articulated it the way you want to hear it, but their issues are every bit as valid as mine, I assure you.

Now Stash and Mugtoe are a different story, they don't even know Cureton. Yes, they are just entertaining me by throwing in jokes at Cureton's expense. Bless their hearts, the know the pain I have felt and am still feeling, and these jokes help put a little medicine on my wounds. The whole Steve Cureton in the search engines thing is making us all laugh until we get sick. That is how you found us, right? Either that or Cureton has shown you this board himself. I've seen my site statistics and I know he's searching his own name. Nobody else knows about his stupid ass but us anyway! You and your opinions are welcome on this board any time, again thanks for being receptive and understanding. I really does my heart good for an "outside" person to come in and inquire about this stuff. It means the message is getting out.



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