something caused him to quit

from: popeye-x

Am I right or am I wrong?

This mysterious Joe X departure for unspecified "personal reasons" coincided with 2 events.

1. the start of the annual TCMN pledge drive

2. the TV news reporting that Martinez of the ACCD was stepping down for skimmed money and "personal reasons".

I realize Martinez was not Joe X's boss, he was much higher up, his job involved more than just San Antonio College, but he has been the subject of much investigation lately, and enough was discovered that he had to quit. It was big news on TV for 3 days.

Those were the same days when the MYSTERY was first noticed. KSYM is part of, or is run by, the ACCD, is it not? TCMN was a subset of KSYM, with all those things Joe X mentioned, including 'physically supported'.

Why is Crusty so quiet? Is it personal? Some kind of disagreement, perhaps? Did he find out something he never knew about, nor suspected?

Another strange coincidence. I understand Joe X has moved, or is moving away from SA? Did I get that right? please enlighten me if I'm wrong.

Cureton mentioned "taking the high road". What is that all about? Crusty didn't say nothing... Is Crusty pissed because Horn is leaving, or because of WHY he's leaving?

What has the pledge drive got to do with any of this?

It sounds to me like the pledge drive has petered out for some reason. Is that why Crusty is silent? Why should he be pissed, TCMN is still there, isn't it?

Questions: Did Joe X leave TCMN because he's moving away, or did Joe X move away because of why he left TCMN? Why did it coincide with the pledge drive? And what has any of this got to do with the discovery of corruption in the ACCD, which also happened at the SAME TIME.



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