They Didn't Do It, Popeye-X Did It

from: popeye-x dialup04236.intersatx.net-03-03-18-04:43

Excuse me, webgoat, but you seem to be a little confused. Let me explain a few things, so you'll know what you're reading, maybe you'll even understand why its here for you to read, I absolutely hope it does piss you off, nothing would please me more than for you to tell as many people as possible how fucked up it is, then I'll have everyone's attention at the same time, and my story will actually be heard. I WANT all of you to be horrified, appalled, and as riled up as you can be, maybe you'll even demand to know WHY this "shameful" thing has happened to this sweet, pleasant man named Steve Cureton.

This website is my work, paid for with my money. I have complete control of every aspect of it, there are many people contributing their own opinions at once, it may seem to you like an organized assault. It is not. It is freedom of speech, pure and simple.

The search engine accomplishment is mine, and mine alone. Please don't blame the audience for approving of what Popeye-X is doing. They aren't my puppets, they aren't under any pressure to love it or hate it, is not like Third Coast Music Network, where every DJ or fan is required to think like that nazi, Joe X, so if you detect a consensus going on, its because these people have CHOSEN to agree with Popeye-X.

You condemn them outright, call them shameful, and think all kind of bad things about them. Go right ahead. They don't care what you think, not one bit. There's only one person here who gives a shit about your thoughts, and that's me, Popeye-X.

I've known Steve Cureton longer than all of you. Every nice thought you've ever had about him is something I used to think, too. There isn't one person reading this who ever loved Steve Cureton more than me, or longer than me, except for maybe his mom and Kent Akin. You can ask the Duke, did I or did I not staunchly defend Cureton in every way? I wouldn't even allow Duke to slag him in my presence, that's how I am about the people I think love me, I won't be diplomatic about it, either. I stick by my guns, and I stick by my friends, the whole world can go to hell, you simply cannot get me to back down over the issue. This outraged Duke, that I would be so hardheaded to a REAL musician about this sound mixer guy. I'm a REAL musician, too, in case you didn't know, I don't need to kiss anyone's ass in this goddamn town, I damn sure ain't going join in what Cureton calls a "pep rally", putting on a nice guy act and taking the high road, etc. Me & Duke have been mutual respect type freinds for over 30 years, but I considered me & Cureton to be musical soul brothers, late one night in 1986, we were at his house, he played the 12 minute long "Porn Wars" by Frank Zappa for me, a Synclavier masterpiece, and the epitome of Zappa's politics, comedy, and electronic collage. That's my idea of ROOTS. His sweetness as a human being, and his superior ears and insight for what I call music, not what San Antonio thinks of as music, what Popeye-X thinks of as music, i. e. "weird shit" nobody knows about. He had me believing I had a compatriot on a level shared by only a few other friends, like Will Alexander, these people are conrnerstones upon which my musical being is built. You don't get into that club unless you can comprehend it on my level. I considered Steve Cureton to be a friend who actually might be able to teach me something, and I wasn't wrong. There was just no way Duke could get me to go along with the idea he was a nobody, an idiot, a phony, a bend over backwards ass-kisser, and most unlikely of all, a THEIF.

I found out, the hard way, not only was the Duke 1000% right, he wasn't right enough. I will detail WHY I feel this way in another post, its too big for this one. If you are so morally outraged and offended by MY sandbagging of Cureton's Internet presence, I urge you to pay attention when I let you see what he did to a freind who totally loved him and trusted him. Try to have enough BALLS to at least hear what I will tell you. Don't worry, I can put it in simple terms for you, without venom, and you will see it from the perspective I see it from. You won't even disbelieve me, I'm sure of it, but you will have to have the guts to face it. If you're a chickenshit, like Steve Cureton or Mike Taylor, the truth of it will bug you so much, you'll just avoid it, and whenever my name comes up, you'll say, "Oh yeah, Otto? He's lost his mind." These people you call "a shameful, unrestrained bunch of parinoid psychotics" are in fact friends who know damn well I'm not lying, nor have I lost my mind.

Do you really think I haven't consulted an attorney? I had the SAPD to my studio 4 times between Jun-Oct, 2002, the last time was the "big one". It took me about 4 months to take a close look at 40+ bank statements, going back to Mar. 1998, then I cross referenced the time line with over 30,000 emails I have, yes, I kept them all. I exported all those emails into an Excel worksheet, giving me instantaneous access to every word these bastards wrote to me. I know exactly when Cureton "jumped on the bandwagon", the boy has a big mouth, he's thinks he's real slick. When I told him to cut the crap, he asked, "Why are you lumping me in with them? I didn't know!" He didn't say, "They didn't rip you off!" He whined it wasn't him. I told him his job was to provide the LIE, to help them conceal the source of the money that bought all those ADAT tape decks. Cureton bought them with his check, but actually it was cash Mike Taylor got from Bob Cox. I believed Cureton for the first 6 months. Then he hooked them up with Donnie Meals, and Donnie bought an Otari RADAR system, and computers, etc. Same scam, only expanded. Anybody knows Meals doesn't have that kind of cash, I'm sure there is a back up lie for every aspect of the scam, that's how Bob Cox does things. They will all deny, deny, deny till the end of the world. I never would have known at all, except Bob Cox called me up to taunt me about it himself. Every other person involved got dropped in the grease by the very guy they were covering for. They're in it for the money, but Cox doesn't need or even want the money, he did all this shit for revenge, so he just HAD to tell me enough clues, I researched it, I found it, all of it. There's no question about it, and there's no question about Steve Cureton's role in it. The only possibility I have of unraveling this shit so it can be prosecuted is the testimony of Steve Cureton. If he rolled over on Taylor, Taylor would roll over on Cox. But Cureton would never do that, he's too chickenshit. There's no way I can think of to force him to tell the truth, believe me, I've studied this problem thoroughly. There are many flaws that corroberate my claims. Right now, the most outrageous is the fact that thru out this whole Bexar Nekkid Music scam, Steve Cureton, supposedly an investing partner with Mike Taylor, has never been permitted to mix even ONE SONG. The only reason he did this was to be a big star on the scene, and he is such a successful dude, he even lists the airplay he's gotten. Take away the pre-Bexar Nekkid CD's, and you have a bulk of cuts that Cureton "worked on", notice his wording, he did the schlep work of routing mics and setting levels during recording, but he didn't mix one single motherfucking song. Not one. Why shloud he? He contributed nothing except cover up LIES, he's the Donnie Meals connection. Taylor and Cox didn't know Meals. Cureton set that up. People trust Cureton, people believe in him, he's delighted to have a key part to play in the scam, his payment is unlimited studio time, that's the band Suckerpunch in his airplay list. He mixed exactly ZERO of the music on TCMN. Isn't it peculiar that he didn't mix one single track on HOT TAMALES, his big CD? Think about it.

Popeye-X will continue to hammer on Steve Cureton, he deserves every bit of it. You can hate me all you want, Steve Cureton is a liar, a theif, and the absolute PITS of the San Antonio music scene. He did this shit to me, and what did he get out of it? Not a damn thing. He wanted to be known as more than a live soundman. Since he didn't mix any music on the CD's, he is exactly where he started.

When he first heard of this scam, he could have tipped me off. All I needed was a slight warning.

If you saw someone robbing an old friend of yours, would you at least warn them, or would you jump at the chance to help the robbery succeed? He really thinks he can lie his way out of it. At some point, there will be enough people who believe me, and they will be honest enough to tell him what they think about it. He will lie, but it won't work anymore. He will realize he has not improved his reputation, but rather has destroyed it. I am not afraid one bit to talk to anyone about this, face to face, you be the judge if I am crazy, or lying , or whatever. I'll show you all the proof you can stand to look at. Even better, lets sit down with you, me, and Steve Cureton, and have a simple conversation about it. I'm ready any time you like. Want to do it in front of the police, or a representative of the prosecutors office? Lets do it, the sooner the better. I guarantee you Cureton won't like that idea one bit.

You will never be able to intimidate me into leaving Cureton alone. You won't be able to refute what I say because its all true. You wanna try to do something about it? Be my guest. You will only be helping me in the end. I'll look for the case number of my most recent SAPD report, its a doosey. It was made in Oct. 2002, go look it up yourself. If I'm a liar, detailing my "whopper" for the police would be a hell of a risk to take, right? Do you really think I would risk being thrown in jail just to piss Cureton off?



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