It Is Not MY Forum

from: popeye-x 03-03-18-10:55

hop up like a frogYou're wrong, it is not MY forum. What do I need a forum for? I have a friggin' website. The purpose of this MESSAGE BOARD is for everybody else to say whatever they want to say. When I feel like saying something, I like having the opportunity to express my thoughts and maybe someone might read it, maybe even think about it, perhaps apply their own feedback. I've never felt like I needed anyone to agree with me, its just not the way I think. I've always been into the idea that if someone disagrees with me, and can't explain why in a way that I can understand, then they are obviously wrong. Who cares if they're wrong or not? You don't have to be right, not for my sake. I think its funny when people say what they want. I don't always have time to read every post and anaylise who is saying what to whom. It gets very confusing, I figure you'll tell me what I need to know if I need to know it. I don't make any judgement on how someone SHOULD post. As long as they aren't just filling up every slot with blank space, just to wreck it, I don't care, try to understand what that means, ok? I DON'T CARE. All this bitching about what other people do is not having any effect on what I think or say, demanding that somebody do this, or do that, am I supposed to drop everything to help you figure out why your own ideas won't work? Your one-sided premise of demanding a particular structural continuity from everyone else, just because it pleases you, and then using any violation of your little rules, rules we never agreed to follow, becomes the basis of your conclusive proof that these naughty "bad" people have nothing to say worth reading is WACK. I doubt you could follow your own rules perfectly, but of course you'd have to stop and go deeper than just the urge to blabber to even find out. I am certainly not going to demand you do, or not do, anything. Say whatever you want, including bitching about bitching about bitching, I don't care. I don't feel any obligation to try and understand points of view that have no need to understand my point of view. If anybody is waiting around for me to OBEY demands that I talk a certain way, and not talk some other way, and adhere to guidelines I never agreed to follow, then that person is going to be waiting a long, long time, because I just don't think or talk the way people want me to. I also don't waste my time wishing other people would do what I want... I DON'T WANT ANYTHING!!! All I really need is to be allowed to be myself the way I define "myself", and not be given a hard time about it. I can't function if I have to constantly readjust myself away from what comes natural to ME, why can't we just let each other be how we want to be, say what we want to say, let it mean what we want it to mean, and try to be open enough to pick up on what someone might be trying to say in THEIR OWN WAY? That's the only way that's equally fair to everyone, yes, we all have to be a little grown up about it, but in return we shall have the freedom to not be bogged down in each other's bullshit.

click this pic to learn to wax yer wick Now, in reply to the borderline personality theory post, the one that ended with the single word: sad. That is my idea of a completely worthless message. First of all, I don't know what the fuck you're even talking about, I can't even tell what you think you're talking about. I get the impression you're giving some advice, or something, to someone, I have no idea who, but the gist of it is, you're telling someone how they ought to think. Something about black and white and grey... ? Then you toss out your diagnosis, borderline personality disorder, and you tell this wrong thinking person to look up BPD if they want to understand how incurable they are, and then you say "sad". I can tell you're pretty impressed with your post, it has all the rhythms of a devastatingly logical comeback, including the obligatory little "I'm more educated than you" slap in the face, followed by the ruthleesly succinct: "sad". Very stylish, you almost had me going there for a minute, but then I realized something was missing. Yes, you got the form, you got the delivery, you got the rhythm, and the punctuation. I'd say it was perfect, except for TWO small details.

#1. It doesn't make any sense at all, not to me anyway. I know all them fancy pants psychological archetypes, there's also histrionic and narcissistic and a few others. You don't have to act all high and mighty about it, that's common knowledge, and the little slap in the face about looking it up is completely unnecessary, perhaps you need to look it up yourself, that might explain why I can't even begin to see what you might be driving at.

#2. This is probably the biggest letdown of the whole post. Without this vital element, all the style and rhythm in the world won't do a bit of good. What good is superb delivery, if there's nothing being delivered? What you lack here is what is commonly referred to as "wit". To be able to pull off a punctuated zinger you simply must be "funny". There's no time for the listener to reference the various elements in your statement, they're too obscure, I still haven't figured out how the BPD is supposed to apply. I understand every word, but I haven't gotclick this pic to see the definition of LAME a clue what you said, and the little "sad" at the end could be anything. "tater tot", "house shoe", knee cap", or even a nonsensical word like "blik". It just doesn't connect in my head... at all. I'm afraid your sense of humor may be the culprit, have you had it checked lately? Maybe you hit a hole in the road, and it fell off in a ditch somewhere? If your sense of humor was lost, that would explain how you could post your quip with such relish and flair, and not ever notice it wasn't funny in the least. I still don't know what "sad" meant. Are you saying you're sad? About what? Why are YOU sad? You don't seem sad to me, if anything, you seem STUPID. Look it up in a psychology book. It means "data processing error". Please don't try to give us advice on how to think correctly, you'd be much better off writing down everything I say and making syntactical diagrams for further study. Who knows? Within 15 or 20 years, you might be 5% as funny as I am. It can happen, but you'll have to really want it. A lot of people find that its easier in the long run to just leave the comedy to those of us who were born with the knack for being humorous. Not everybody is going to crack people up like I do. Don't try to force it, you'll only wind up acting clever, but without any comedic content in your material. There's no shame in just sticking with what God originally intended you to be... a rocky mountain spotted tick hanging off of some billygoat's testicles.



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