from: Mugtoe

fuck me, that's funny.


WTF are you talkin, BPD? That sounds like some real pussy shit. PPX got disorders that make that look like a little girl in a field pickin flowers after Sundayschool. This is the Toiletside Reader, not the "Let's sit calmly and frankly discuss the merits of your questions and honor your inner child.com" This is where you come and show yer tits. If you don't wanna show yer tits or put out in some fashion, you don't get to ask the grown-up questions. Diagnosing someone with borderline personality is not an appropriate response. You must now pull down yer panties as well and make that pouty face on everybody's dick before you are allowed to leave.

Borderline? Didn't we cross that somewhere back in 1973? Bitch, I been out past that motherfucker for thirty goddamn years. You think PPX is a half-bubble off? Fuck me. I make that motherfucker look like the standard of sanity and a real Boy Scout. I was so disappointed when I saw that he actually wrote all that out to yer stinkin ass, but I reckon he has some point to make. Ya see, to me it don't matter if he's right or wrong, I'll take his word for that - I'm a thousand miles away now. And it don't matter to me what you think or if yer convinced. What matters to me is that you expect me to be nice because you gotta question and you ain't showin nothin. He can talk nice to you all he wants to, but I'm gonna make you a sammich with some stale bread and a little, no a pile, of that crusty green stuff that's stuck all over my dog's eyes. You got that? Now, back to my dick.

"What irritates me is the other people who pounced on me when I asked questions."

Did you take a look around here before you said that? No, really, did you? I'll have you know there is coffee in my nose and on my shirt reading both of your posts.



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