I'll be happy to contact any ISP you want to abuse

from: popeye-x

Its as easy for me to report your abuse as it is for you to commit your abuse, if your comprehension was any higher than at the most rudimentary level, you'd realize the signal runs both ways at the same time. While you were admiring your stack of Steve Cureton's, I was reading Road Runner's Terms Of Usage, they're used to much more sophisticated "tricks" than yours, they have automated proceedures in place, where I can email my server logs, and the record of what happened is read by their machine, which automatically shuts down the pathway of the offending computer, in plain English, I can clone your footprints, feed them into your system, and your system will read them and take appropriate action before anyone has noticed my email has just arrived. That nice stack of Steve Cureton's you're so proud of is actually MY tool, NOT yours, while you're temporarily disabling my message board, I'm routing the exact same damage back and to your whole connection, especially your account, you stand a very real chance of losing the remainder of what you've paid for this month, as well as all of your original setup expenses.

You want to take it to a friend's computer and continue to harass? No problem. I send them the 2 or 3 footprints left by that PC, and show them the stack of Steve Cureton's from your PC, and then they're even more pissed, because you're abusing them and you aren't even their customer. This gets your friend in more shit with his ISP than you were in with your own, and if you have enough BRAINS to read your own contracts you will see that letting a non-customer violate your account usage agreement pisses them off more than if you were the one doing the abuse. The next time I see this "new IP" on my board, I'm going to report it to that ISP's abuse contact, on the spot. Try me.



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