Hey, STEVE CURETON is the one who has to shut up, not Popeye-X.

from: popeye-x

Just in case there's some restraint going on here I think I perhaps should clarify the situation just so everybody knows for sure, that raw dog donkey lady dildo GOAT TICK asshole "sound man" can suck my websites' dick for all I care. Did anybody notice how the minute somebody turns up out of the blue, "oh I wonder who it could possibly be?", and against all odds, its a sound man? uh huh, and he LIKES Steve Cureton? SUUUUUUUURE he does. He even pastes in his name over and over and over and over. And what happens to this totally implausible "sound man" defender of Steve Cureton? He winds up instantly FUCKED IN THE ASS with his own dick. THAT'S how I know damn well it was Cureton, nobody in their right mind would defend a worthless piece of shit like him. Did you notice the patently Curetonesque way in which he put on an air of sympathy and understanding? And that lead directly into the pits of what he's really all about, the exact same BPD he was attempting to accuse me of being. He really thinks he can lie his way out of it. What we all wirnessed was his version of "its not right for you to say something bad about me, even though you're telling the truth, its doesn't seem like you're being fair about what you say..." But what he DOES that I'm describing is alright, you know why? because as long as he doesn't admit it to himself, it doesn't have to count yet. The lie is STILL going, so we all owe him some decently compliant pleasantness so we can get past all this bad stuff, and get on to the music... Did you see that pitiful stack of accomplishment he waved in the air? Robbie G LIVE. HOT TAMALES, Stealin' For a LIVIN', TWO TONS OF STEEL, live.... hey, even his mom was proud. The real truth is, even his mom was DISGUSTED. Do you have any idea how much money she threw at Estebanitos shinging moment on the spotlight? The whole thing flopped so bad they were all sitting at the big banquet, decked out in fancy clothes, with all the trappings, and MUSIC was all that mattered.

Real facts: Taylor was all that mattered. Couldn't release the CD in time for the promo. Please Mike please. Its alright, there's too much on the line here, PLEAAAASE.... my mom paid a LOT OF MONEY FOR THIS!!! Hell no. Not for Cureton, not for Wanda, not even for Robert Johnson. But what about all the artists on the CD? Nope, especiallly not them, they don't count at all. NOBODY COUNTS except MIKE TAYLOR. So what if Wanda ends up resigning from SABS? So what if Cureton never gets to mix a single song, and gets to see his mom get a "financial" raping in a public spectacle where they're all trying to act as pleasant as possible while their hearts are pounding in their throats, their stomachs are tied in knots, the musicians ALL refuse to play the gig, Rusty Martin si particularly miffed about the fuck job he got for working his butt off and trusting in Cuteton. Rusty Martin was the best feather in Cureton's hat he ever had, and all it took was 3 or 4 songs with Taylor to completely annihilate that bond forever. Same with Otto. Something about Cureton seems to make people who used to swear by him but end up being damaged by him, and finally it just erupts into blind rage on the verse of homicide. How could thid happen over and over to a genuinely sweety guy like Extebanito?

I'll show you exactly how. It just happened again when he was on here talking about that bipolar bullshit, "in disguise" as a guy similar to him, who respected him, who is understanding that THIEVERY is wrong, but then goes into this attempt to describe the conflict away being a PERSONALITY DISORDER that I supposedly have. Isn't it "sad"? And the whole time the sociopathic prick knows damn well he's nothing but a back stabbing thief in the truest sense of the word. He'll just pound the message board with his name like a fucking jackhammer, I counted it up, almost 400 of those pieces of shit. Is there anyone here who has any doubt left at all it was HIM? I was got a daily stats on my website from my host for March 18, and it had all the URL's in a list, I used Word to put a space between them, so I was going down the column on with an arrow key and the enter button, and my arms got tired as shit doing it. I realized webgoat would have to be slamming those posts like a guy beating a brick wall with total physical rage, you know? Like somebody pounding a wall until they just drop from exhaustion.

Now tell me this. Would a guy who happened to be an aquaintance be so offended by Popeye-X calling him a tick on a billygoat's balls that he would erupt into such a physically draining frenzy of pummeling rage? I was just pressing two buttons with two fingers, and my whole arm got cramps, I was only putting as space between them so I could have Word count the tally with a numberical sort. There were 378 of those mf's in a non-stop stream, and at least 2 dozen is spurts before and after the flood. It wasn't done by a machine, or else there would have been more, and they wouldn't have petered out after 10 blinding minutes. Those weren't posts, those were punches, and he put every once of brute force he could muster into it. Doing what? Beating Popeye-X up, but it was a cyber pummeling. He's too chickenshit to come get a taste of the real thing. What a fucking cunt.

(Popeye-X hocks up a deeply unclogged lung oyster and spits it right in Cureton's eyes)



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