Super Sleuth Or Pathetic Self Delusion?

from: popeye-x 03-03-20-16:46

Super Sleuth? Its easy to pull off a lie when the person you're lying to believes you are friend. I believed in Steve Cureton right up until I got a late night phone call from Bob Cox himself. He WANTED me to know. That's the whole point. My bank statements confirm what he said. There is no question about it.

Bob Cox - Mike Taylor - Steve Cureton - LAMERZ One of the side effects of Cox having his fun is I know the real truth about Steve Cureton and Mike Taylor. Do you really think I'm going to shut up about it? They have no choice but to discredit me, that's the only defense they've got. That's why you'll see "mysterious strangers" on this board, slagging me as champions of decency. What you see here is CLASSIC Cureton. He compliments himself (again), refers to his truly horrible crime an "accomplishment", and condemns his victim for "vulgarity", all in one sentence. Notice his complete lack of remorse. He's even lying about who he is, in a ludicrous attempt defend the name, the face, and the reputation of someone he RESPECTS. (again, its himself)

"I am not Steve Cureton. So you can forget that idea."

Boy, that was quick. He said he wasn't Steve Cureton, so now I've forgotten about the whole concept. Of course you're not Steve Cureton. How could I be so blind? You're just a concerned colleague, compelled by your abhorrence of vulgarity and indecency, and you are obviously deeply saddened by yet another BAD THING Popeye-X has defeated himself with.

Thank you for clearing up this whole mess, I, for one, am relieved, I'm sure everyone else feels the same way. Please feel free to drop by to spam and re-spam what you have achieved with your LYING (not your mixing)...

Bexar Nekkid Music's blockbuster hits

HOT TAMALES: A Tribute To Robert Johnson (no mixing by you)

and the aptly named

STEELIN' FOR A LIVIN' (again, you mixed none of it).



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