The Offensive Pages With The S-Word Have Been Removed

from webcop: I've been watching this rogue site like a hawk, just waiting for a chance to send this popeye-x scumbag into the dumpster. Thanks to the vigilance of one decent sound man willing to voice a lone protest, the long arm of the law has come to the rescue of a myriad of Steve Curetons who have been unfairly maligned by these assholes on this message board posting the S-word. In accordance with the Office Of Homepage Security, these malignant samples of html code have been brought into compliance with the guidelines any decent American would agree are boring enough to never be noticed again. The URL's have been changed, resubmitted, or deleted altogether

Popeye-X comments: As clearly stated on the pages in question, the original goal of getting Steve Cureton to visit this message board and post has been achieved. In fact, he has posted more than anyone else, over 400 times in one day. His Internet service provider put a stop to his RAGE almost immediately, he has to use someone else's connection to even read this board. I don't know who this webcop guy thinks he's foolin', but I guess he's got a job to do, don't we all? I hope this gesture of consideration doesn't go unnoticed by any and all who may have benn understandably offended by me saying "SHIT" in the same sentence with "Steve Cureton", they are easy to confuse.



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