I wonder what makes these fuckheads think they're so goddamn righteous?

popeye-x holds no grudges against you fools, go in peace...from: PPX

It kinda makes you think, time and time again these people come out of the woodwork, and they disagree with popeye-x, and he lets them voice their opinions, then he calmly disagrees, then they take advantage of the freedom he has given them, then he makes fun of them, and they go off on these insane tirades acting as if I really should give a fuck what they think. I don't. I never did. I never will. They are here for my entertainment, and as soon as I am thru with them, they won't be here. The only way they can "win" is to go away while I still want them here. But I will still make fun of them after they're gone, and me and my pals like mugtoe, stash, duke, and the walmartinez family will still sit around saying things like, "remember the goat tick? what a STUPID MOTHERFUCKER he was! whatever happened to that Cureton BUTTSUCKER, Corbett?" "I dunno, he's probably outside in the front yard with a bayonet, foaming at the mouth, and waiting for his chance to save face." "Where do these idiots come from, and why do they hate popeye-x?" "Who fucking knows? I guess they don't have websites of their own, so nobody reads what they think, nor does anyone care what they think, so they come to popeye-x thinking they will defeat him in front of his friends, or maybe its his friends they hate? after all, this latest batch was cordial to ppx at first, until he quit kissing their asses." "True, but did you notice how violently insane they got?" "Its just part of the frustration of being NOBODIES, it really makes them feel insignifigant... you know, SMALL, like insects?" "Ah, I see, they're like maggots crawling on a pile of feces, tunneling thru it and eating away like there's no tomorrow..." "That's because there is no tomorrow... they are yesterday's SHIT EATING WORMS."



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