Hi Jennifer

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hello Jennifer, glad you could drop by, everybody should go see her site at http://myweb.ecomplanet.com/BENN1767/ , its called Galleries Of Art and Writings, she is helping so many talented people , you just need to go explore it to see what's there. Jennifer is cool, and her friends are cool, too.

In answer to your question, I started this site in 1998, I never heard of a domain or html, I had a bunch of silly stories and 1000's of images and I've been named Popeye-X since August of 1972, so I saw trucks with www.blah_etc.com on the side and I knew I wanted www.popeye-x.com, but I didn't know shit about the Internet, I'd never even mailed an email in my life. I got a dial-up and a webhost and built the site and learned about Yahoo, etc, and I paid about $50 a month for many years. I had about $2,500 into it when I finally decided it was too much. Webhosts and domain names are considerably cheaper now, so its a different universe, I can afford to be popeye-x from now on, especially since I have friends helping me. I'm paying about $100 a year now, i'm being hosted by a beautiful friend/writer who lets me pay when I can.

Thanks for the compliments, glad you appreciate my weirdness, its an ongoing work, there are actually ASSHOLES who come here and give me shit for being "weird" and they learn to regret such nonsensical statements. Its the Jennifers and Mugtoe's of this world that make putting up with the Curetons and the goat ticks all worthwhile.

By the way, Jennifer, very early on I was attacked by dumb fucks who "disagree" with me and take advantage of my hospitality. It has rarely let up and this ANTI-Popeye-X Fan Club is a byproduct of such idiots that always are nearby. On the other hand, look at all the cool friends I have who post in here regularly and are not AGAINST what I've done, quite the opposite, they like it, and like having the freedom to do whatever they want and have someone read it. So I figure its gotta be worth whatever it costs. It doesn't cost much anymore, but it was a lot of work and there was investment and learning involved. Thanks for checking it out, I'm sure building your own site gives you insight to the hassle involved.

Be sure and go check out what Mugtoe has done, I'm a babbling idiot, but he can really write. He's at www.spreadeagleranch.com also Stash has www.webpage-x.com  and there's Nancy's Fancies but I can't remember the link at the moment, sorry Nancy, I'll find it, hehe. She's left it in here so much I guess I forgot to link it. And Keith. HAHA. I'm retarded, Jennifer.



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