I Agree 1000%

make me laugh or get the fuck out my face!

PPX: I know those goat tampon butt suckers are going to say popeye-x isn't fair... hey, I told you that from the beginning... you can disagree with me, NO PROBLEM, but you have to be truly funny. You have to make ME laugh. I can take a joke, if its at my expense, GOOD, I welcome it, I'll just come back on you like you've never heard before. It inspires me. There are chickenshits who say I can't take a joke, like Yashar37, but their problem is obvious. A joke is FUNNY. Motivation doesn't count, HAHA factor is all that matters. Yashsar37 laughs his balls off, thinking its a joke, but HE'S the only one laughing, and its because he's got the upper hand, there's no humor involved. Cruelty in and of itself isn't funny at all. Neither is destruction of property.

That's where the goat ticks come in. They can barely type out fully formed sentences, and you can forget about spelling or staying on topic. You make a fool out of them, and they go insane, they never say anything that makes sense after that. They can't say ONE THING that's actually funny. I hate punks like that, I kick them in the ass until they leave. I delete them because THEY AREN'T UP TO SNUFF. Like that so-called Kuwait soldier, just being in the military doesn't make you funny, or entitle you to even lick this website's dick. Fuck me? FUCK YOU!!!! You goddamn idiots, I challenge any of you goat bastards to say one thing that can make me laugh. You can't do it, why? BECAUSE YOU HAVEN'T GOT THE BRAINS, bitch!



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