Re: corn's final words

from: Mrs. WalMartinez

From:  "Joe Horn" <joe_x71@h...> Date:  Tue Mar 18, 2003  5:09 pm Subject:  Thanks To All From Joe X.

Tuesday 3/18/03 TC Fans and Friends - I want to thank everyone for the nice words and thoughts regarding my final regular TCMN shift this past Sunday night. Patty, IronJohn, Joe3putt, FriDave, Tone, Brenda X., Abby & Travis, Rain, Claire, Dan, (Tom was there in spirit - get well soon, bud) Crusty and Neesie, John, Ellen and her brother all came down to help me celebrate twelve years of radio shows. There were many gratifying telephone conversations with long-time and short-term listeners, all of which were much appreciated and enjoyed. (anyone who missed the last gasp - the entire TC crew singing along with Willie Nelson's Turn Out the Lights, well, you missed a Kodak moment, that's for sure. Speaking of Kodak, err, Sony moments, brother Patty was there taking pictures - maybe we can get him and PK together, and have the pix posted here)

I'm pretty overwhelmed with the attention, and I insist that everyone remember - without a lot of help, none of this (TCMN) would have been possible. (don't forget, it was John Onderdonk's decision that TC would air daily, beginning in 1995) And without a willingness to commit a part of their lives and a ton of time, the folks listed above couldn't keep this ball rolling.

Thanks, kids - life in SA just wouldn't be as much fun without TCMN on KSYM. As I said in an earlier letter, I'll be around as fill-in, and I look forward to that a lot.

'Til then, ya'll keep your powder dry, and I'll see you out there somewhere - From the bottom of my heart - Thanks for everything.

Sincerely, Joe X.

  Mrs. WalMartinez comments: none of his starting crew was there except Crusty, who I named myself with good reason.

Rain has taken over on Sunday nights and it sounds MUCH better, broader and open-minded.

Mr. WalMartinez & I are very pleased that Joke Corn is finally gone. Rain is a student. He deserves the show, plus he's very talented.

hugZ, couponZ & a cup 'o coffee 2 ya~ Mrs. W 



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