Re: Why so much fucking motorhead crappola?

from: Mr. Walmartinezzzz

WHo the fuck is motorhead.... WHy just the band formed from the ashes of the psychedelic warlords hawkwind, after they threw lemmy out.. Lemmy began his musical career as the guy who used to score acid for Hendrix when he was in England, he got Jimmy High!!! He then picked up the bass and was in hawkwind through the golden years, appearing on the great " Warrior on the Edge of Time" album, one of the penticle of the acid drenched montage of sonic trippyness that hawkind embodies. Lemmy took the drug ladden energy of hawkwind to a new era, really starting on the coattailes of zepplin, sabbath, and yes, blue cheer( who is rummored to play so loud that they knocked birds out of the sky), and began the heavy metal explosion on both sides of the atlantic that survives today. THey embody all that is right and true in the national character, values like drugs, beer, heavy metal chicks, and wandering the continent in a chemical haze!!!! I love the end of their shows, they strike a cord, let it feed back, and sustain it as they walk off the stage, and leave the roadies to scramble up to the stage to shut things down before it blows the pa off the platform. Once you gain true insight, and let the sound soak in deep into the marrow of your psyche, you too will believe in the band of vagabonds clad in leather, rolling presently across north america to a town near you. They are even playing corpus christi, at the party on the patio, check it out, you will be a believer too, just don't stand too close to the pa for long periods of time without protection.

ROck on DUde



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