The American Agressors Crush A Country And Its People As The Victory Celebration Executions Begin

from: popeye-x

(popeye-x looks around for Baghdad Bob, but he seems to have vanished...) And now...

An Important Message From The Official Minister Of Information Of The Popeye-X Regime

Greetings! PPX here. I have a couple of thoughts I'd like to share with you today. I was hoping Baghdad Bob would be around to hear what I have to say, but hey, I understand he's busy at the moment, coming to grips with a catastrophic information breakdown that occured last night. I would like to point out that Popeye-X is a Minister Of Information who is still in up and running, operating at full strength, if anything, running stronger than ever. Baghdad Bob while is history, Popeye-X is MAKING history, being a prime example of why its so much better to be a Minister Of Information in the U.S.A., as opposed to in IRAQ. We Official Info-Mins aren't bothered a bit by being "divorced from reality", it comes with the territory, its our job, we may be divorced from the bitch, but that pussy is still Penal Colony Poontang. The whole purpose of propaganda is to control perception, this is the method by which reality is used as a weapon on the mind, also known as a Smart Bomb, AKA the infamous "4000 Pound Brain Buster.... you've know the one.... that's the REAL Two Tons. Baghdad Bob lost the pussy and his ass, Popeye-X is still administering doctored data cuz he's dialed up to the WWW from inside the USA. Contrary to what the grunt hole goatee ticklers are fantasizing about, FREEDOM is more than just a word thrown around to sound real impressive, there's actually a DEEPER MEANING behind it that is so universal and crystal clear, even America's latest petroleum genocide suicide martyrs are so slaughtered, murdered, and raped, they're celebrating their crushing defeat by going buck wild in the streets, stealing everything they grab, and THANKING their conquerors for having more BALLS than their so-called Islam-a-bombic brothers, who would much rather have them stay under the thumbscrews of God's Profit and His Holy Stalinist Majesties Request.

The other item of information I'd like to point out is that the Post-Battle Summary Executions have begun in earnest. Not one graven image of Osama Limp Biskit is left standing. All of the Totalitarian Regime's Kuwaiti Tour Swag and Promo Art was immediately blown to bits by the Invading Crusader Killing Squads, but they couldn't keep up with Joe Towelhead on foot, tearing apart every picture of IRAQ'S PRESIDENT with their bare hands. Isn't that amazing? You'd think they'd at least remember to give the American President as much shit as the Dixie Chicks did, but NOOOOOOO... who gives a fuck about the Great American Satan From Texas pullin' a Reverse Kuwait? Gladbag Glob, the Minister Of Totalitarian Reruns got his plug yanked, our TV's have different shows where The National Socialist Mandatory Spam Channel and Al Jizzira's Camel Jockey Gospel Hour used to be, there's actually a looping infommercial selling a seminar kit that teaches you How To Surrender To American Tanks and wind up making good money running your own Snitchin' On Saddam Webring, you'll get your own Taliban Tattletail Turban.



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