from: webgoat

OK, so I get it, ( of course you will say I don't, but whatever ). If you aren't insulted with any foul words, or as you put it "being funny" then you don't think it is funny, manly, intelligent or whatever.

The fact of the matter is you don't have the balls to leave any posts you don't agree with or like on the site. Even though it is your site and you certainly have the right to delete whatever you please your spineless ego just can't take leaving anything you can't take up.

Go ahead leave this post.

You see, proving your might ( I regress you don't believe you have to prove it because you are narcistic ) means leaving what you feel you have defeated up for others to see, a trophy perhaps.

You can be insulted and critizied without a foul word. You are weak of mind because you stoop so low. You percieve yourself a genius when you are merely clever. You think yourself an authority of music on the scale of Arron Copeland but your influence extends no farther than your pathetic site. Oh, if forgot you site is world wide on the internet, so is www.losers.org where you happened to be listed. You impress only yourself and the small circle you have accumulated who steeped in their own narcism and pool of personality disorders can only edify themselves by showering in your bile.

I may be deleted from you site by your will but that is no display of strength or supierority on your part, only a sign of gutless fear, what are you afraid of ( oh, if forgot, nothing ).

You will be afraid, time will take it's course. when you stare out from your cardboard box that will eventually be your home, you will know.



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